Asra has spent much of his life alone, traveling across Anatea in search of the home he never had. On an unplanned return trip to the capital city’s God Quarter, Asra finds himself taking shelter from the rain in a seemingly abandoned temple. When Asra meets the god whose temple sits gathering dust in a lonely part of the God Quarter, he isn’t expecting much beyond a swift kick in the rear. He certainly isn’t expecting that he might finally find the home he’s always wanted to have.

Notes: This original fantasy (almost romance) story has been in the works for a LONG time and I’m happy that I can finally share it with you all! The gorgeous art pieces in this post are all parts of a commission that I got from my awesome friend Vi (who also did lovely concept art of my two boys) who is super sweet and talented!

Read Breaking and Entering here!

Promised to a being that lives in the waters between her village and the rest of the world, a young woman walks to what will surely be her doom.

I walk until I see the shoreline, the hem of my white wedding dress turning darker and darker with every step that I take dragging it through the mud and silt that line the path down to the sea.

Every single step that I take reminds me that I am not doing this for myself. I am not striding towards my death and doom because I want to find myself carried away or crushed by whatever it is that lives in the murky waters between my village’s land and the outside world.

Read “The Bride’s Choice” here.

Supervillains (No-So) Anonymous – Comet City Stories

Every single person in the room shifts their chairs to the side with a cacophony of screeching, squeaking, rubber and metal on linoleum when I walk in to this month’s Supervillains Anonymous meeting in the basement of one of Comet City’s many rec centers.

I don’t blame them. I know what I look like, who I am. Nearly six feet tall with dark brown skin and purple scales spattered like paint across it, I look just normal enough to pass as entirely human. At least until I open my mouth and people get a look at my fangs and forked tongue and remember that some snakes are poisonous.

But then, what else could anyone expect from someone that used to be Mama Mambo’s prized protégé, Viper?

If you’re interested in superhero (well… villain) stories centering characters of color, this story about a retired supervillain just trying to stay out of trouble might be up your alley.

Laundry Day – Comet City Super Stories

Summary: Pix has only been a licensed superhero for a day and she’s already sure that she’s going to die.

Content warnings for:  graphic depictions of violence.

Holy shit, I didn’t think I’d get this done before the story about the lesbian sirens (which is still going strong, it’s just longer than I expected). But here goes another entry into the world of the heroes and villains that make up Comet City. 

If you’re a Patron pledging $5 or more, you’ll be getting this story in .MOBI, .EPUB, and .PDF formats!

Hope y’all enjoy it!


The Consort – Chapter Two | Zina H on Patreon

This month, Iirin is introduced his future Bonded and discovers how weird it feels to be wanted.

Next month, we’ll return to South Florida and Corbin’s adventures with demon summoning when the High Lord of Lust, Asmodeus, makes his appearance on the scene in a very NSFW chapter.

Both The Consort and Adventures of an Accidental Demon Summoner are M/M(/M in the case of The Consort) stories starring queer male characters of color in fantasy settings. Both stories will contain erotic and explicit content as they progress. 

These stories are available for Patrons pledging $10 or more and are updated on alternating months.

Happy reading!

The Consort – Chapter Two | Zina H on Patreon

Breaking and Entering – Original Fiction | Zina H on Patreon


When the snake demon Asra finds the doors and gates to Tal Katan’s temple unlocked, he decides to take a chance in order to get out of the rain. When caught by the Tal himself, Asra worries that he’ll be sent away (or worse!). However, Tal Katan is nothing like Asra ever expected a Tal to be like.

Breaking and Entering has been a true labor of love for me. I started writing it sometime last year and it just spiraled out of control.  It’s set in the Wizardverse same as The Consort (in fact, it takes place right down the street from much of The Consort’s main setting) but is way fluffier!

Note: this is one of like five long stories that will be Patreon exclusive for several months until they go up on my blog with a piece of commissioned art. I haven’t quite figured out who I’m going to be commissioning or when but once I’ve got art, y’all will get a preview before anyone else. This specific story won’t be up on my blog until August and even then it definitely won’t come with the perks of handy files for easy offline reading.

Please feel free to tell me any/all thoughts you have about this story! I hope you all like Asra, Katan, and the temple spirit Lelain as much as I do!

I accidentally posted this to my lesser used main blog but hey, if you want to read about a really cute snake demon, consider subscribing to me on Patreon today!

Breaking and Entering – Original Fiction | Zina H on Patreon