As I write, as I develop stories about queer characters and characters of color in historical settings that might not be entirely hospitable to them, I’ve decided to keep positive representation on the forefront of mind too. Because I know what I like to read, and it’s not sad stories where bad things happen to people like me or stories that casually drop microaggression with no awareness whatsoever.

If I wouldn’t feel comfortable or happy reading something, why on earth am I dedicating my time to writing it?

Inspiration File – Guilt, Representation, and Redirection

Zina is creating reviews, articles, and essays about pop culture and fandom. | Patreon

My background is largely in History (both of my degrees so far are in that field) but I’m also studying intersections of identity in comic books and related literature for my MA in Literature. I apply that background to what I write whether it’s in fiction or in the articles and reviews that I do.

You can find my fiction in Fireside Fiction and in the Undercities anthology by Dirty Bird Press. I have also written non-fiction (essays, reviews, articles) for Word of The Nerd, ComicsAlliance,and Strange Horizons. I also have a website where I write about commentary on and criticism of both pop culture and the fandoms it spawns. (NonFiction Masterlist here)

I’m constantly and currently working on projects for my blog Stitch’s Media Mix that focus on positive and diverse representation in fandom spaces and in the media we consume.

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Zina is creating reviews, articles, and essays about pop culture and fandom. | Patreon

Comet City Supers – Worldbuilding and Characters

Here on tumblr, y’all aren’t getting the first Comet City story for another month or so, but if you’re on Patreon, you can get access to the first two stories and this – a video post about the worldbuilding and major characters in that universe.

The Comet City stories focus on superheroes and villains of color – many of whom are queer – because that’s what I wanted to read and what the comic book industry doesn’t seem interested in providing.

(The first story has a secondary character who is nonbinary and married to a woman and, despite my inability to introduce her two main love interests just yet, recurring main character Viper is poly and bisexual. Future stories will include so much more in terms of diversity as I’m only three stories in and have a long way to go!)

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Comet City Supers – Worldbuilding and Characters

Suicide Squad – The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly | Film Review

I finally finished my review for Suicide Squad and it’s almost as long as the Spectre one. Geez. So I wouldn’t go even more overboard, I separated the review into “The Good”, “The Bad”, and “The Ugly” in order to make sure that I covered everything without rambling more than usual.

It’ll be up proper on my blog in a week for sharing purposes and so I can put pictures in without it going wonky  but I hope you all enjoy my review that is SUPER FULL OF SPOILERS AND CURSING)

Suicide Squad – The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly | Film Review


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On the nonfiction side, for $1+ Patrons, we’re going to have another post in the Urban Fantasy 101 series and another Letter to the Author (likely Nalini Singh about her worldbuilding and characters). I’m also hoping to have a working first draft on my post that looks at queer coding the Joker and how it’s often tied into homophobia, but that’s not guaranteed.

For fiction, we’ve got two cool stories coming up for $5+ Patrons. The first story takes us back to the heroes and villains of Comet City (”Super-Villains (Not So) Anonymous” from last month) when a young hero bites off more than she can chew when she tries to take a villain on all on her own.

The second story for the month, is a fluffy and probably NSFW romance between two sirens in Ancient Egypt.

One thing that I’m also going to start in July is a little drabble series called “Asra, Katan, And The Quest For Uninterrupted Time Alone” that provides little sneak peeks at the characters’ lives and evolving relationship following last month’s “Breaking and Entering”..

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There will also be a couple of snippets of works in progress and a podcast episode about worldbuilding in my main universe. 


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