Christopher Priest was talking about how he’s excited for Chadwick as Black Panther and thinks he’s gonna kill it but he also said this, which was mad real:

They know how to do these things, now, and nobody does super-hero films better, but I’m worried about a certain level of hubris accompanying their approach to Panther.

I hope Marvel understands this: all of black America is watching you. We are hopeful, we are excited. Don’t screw this up. Talk to some actual black people; it’s not enough to “know” Panther; you’ve got to know Panther’s audience.

It is also a mistake to not intrinsically understand how strong this racism thing is and how racism will–I assure you–impact this film’s reception. The problem with most liberals–myself included–is we tend to think we’re post-racial, that we’ve got a handle on things because we’re not racists.

Which is what makes liberals perhaps some of the most pernicious racists of all, because we are in denial of it. Make a good movie, and people will come see it. Well, Get On Upwas an extremely entertaining film with an amazing, practically one-man performance by Chadwick Boseman. But I was sitting in the theatre alone.

Memo to Marvel: Hubris and arrogance re: Panther will kill you. This is not like any other movie you’ve ever done. If done correctly, this can not only be a great super-hero movie, but it could be an important film.

I’m not on the inside, so I can just pray they’re not just trying to make a good movie but that they are trying to develop some sensitivity to the unique challenges their marketing will face. If they are tone deaf to those issues, it won’t matter how good the film is; there will remain a thread of resistance on the part of general audiences to seeing any film with a black actor at the center.

And Africans are watching too. And we’re getting a lot more pissed off at how the people here are constantly depicted in Western media.

This movie is going to be the first time we will see a prosperous, scientifically advanced and peaceful African nation (fictional it may be) on the big screen.

Don’t fuck it up.




yes but dwarves that aren’t all whitey mcwhiterfaces

stiffbeards are sami now*

blacklocks? they’re from west africa

ironfists are turkish? maybe syrian? that corner of the world though

the stonefoot are from tibet

longbeards are ashkenazim**

broadbeams are tongva

idk where firebeards come from

*yes i know sami are from europe and nowadays tend to the blond blue eyed scandinavian more than anything else, i’m norwegian, trust me i know. but they have been the victims of racism and are in fact a legally recognized ethnic group and are thus not being counted as mcwhiterfaces.

**ashkenazim are european (central/eastern europe mostly) and so can be pretty pale but they are an ethnic group and the victims of extreme racism so i’m counting them here as non-mcwhiterfaces (also all the ashkenazim i have met aren’t very pale so i’m inclined to think of them as non-white)

I love your breakdown of different ethnic types for dwarves. Seriously we need more diversity in fantasy races. I can literally count on one hand, how many non white dwarves I have seen. 


take over all these mythological ass races taht white folks love to make as only white

Elves, fairies, dwarves. ALLADEM.


It’s like I told Lauren the other day: Finn is basically black Bucky in space.  Fandom fucking adores Bucky.  All kinds of painfully bad meta about his torture and brainwashing and how super special and brave he must be to break through all of that.  Piles upon piles of meta and art and fic for a secondary (arguably tertiary) character who has like five lines over the course of two movies.  (And don’t try telling me that’s all from the comics, half of the people writing this shit have never read the comics.)

Finn has a substantially similar storyline to Bucky, except that it’s overt.  It’s right there, in your face, in the first five minutes of TFA.  We saw him care about a fallen Stormtrooper.  We saw him fail to fire at civilians, even when they were firing at him.  We saw his break down and his escape and his giving up the one and only thing he really wants (to get the fuck away from the First Order) to go after Rey.  Everything Stucky stans wax poetic about that never actually happened we got handed to us on a silver fucking platter.

And yet who does fandom care about?  Kylo fucking Ren.  Mr I Killed Han Solo Because I Wank To Grandpa Vader’s Helmet.  Tell me again that race doesn’t play into this.