Some “highlights” about Rose from the TLJ novelisation. (credits for the screengrabs to  @

I mean… she is basically insulting Finn and Rey, the two heroes of the first movie… implies Finn only cares for Rey bc noone was nice to him? Calls him a traitor and deserter, even though he hasn’t even JOINED the Resistance officially? How does she know that Finn believes in this cause?? How comes she doesn’t KNOW Rey even though Rey fought ALONGSIDE Finn in the adventures of him that she could know about? (yes, Finn fought alongside Rey, Han and Poe, NOT the Resistance!!!!!!) Even though Rey arrived at the Resistance base with some big HELLO, an unconscious Finn, in the freaking Falcon and was then waved goodbye to by dozens of people when she was sent out to  retrieve Luke Skywalker? And Rose hasn’t heard any of this?? This makes NO sense!!!

Nevermind… she wants to taser a guy she has known for a few hours for … caring for another girl? WTF? 

Rian truly is out of it… there’s nothing else to be said…

Of course, novelizations aren’t 100% matched with the film they’re based on, but this was still inspired by Rian’s work on the film (maybe an early draft of the script if not the one they used for shooting) and was approved by Lucasfilm’s continuity folks.

So this is supposed to be an accurate portrayal of Rose’s internal thought process in canon.

According to this, Rose is, bless her heart, kind of an asshole.

(And so are Rian and the dude that wrote this novelization…)


The Last Jedi is explicit with its messaging in every scene. The new character, Rose, is hated so much because she is the one burdened with the preaching. She follows the protagonist around spouting propaganda such as, “We must protect animals,” “We must love and not hate,” and “We must distrust the military-industrial complex.” The narrative sags every time Rose is on screen, with scenes that appear to have been shoehorned in for the sake of the lesson dragging down the tension.

– From Korean weekly magazine SisaIN’s review of The Last Jedi

So I’ve seen a couple people and there say that Rose Tico was an anti-Black character and I’m wondering if you can elaborate?


I watched the movie, finally (i was the last one too probably lol).

Is Rose an anti-black character? No, I honestly don’t think she is.

I don’t think people are saying that she is an anti-black character per-se, but what people are trying to convey is that her actions towards Finn, written by a racist directors, hold some anti-black undertones.  

And on the other side, white feminist who are trying to paint out what Rose did as ‘feminist’ or empowering is also a form of anti-blackness that her character unintentionally may have perpetrated and is being channeled through white feminist and Rian Johnson.

In certain black and asian communities, there is a long history of anti-blackness and anti-asian sentiments that we have thrown at each other. Society puts our groups up against each other specifically by something called the “model minority” myth.

Rose’s actions toward Finn could have pushed for a metaphor of the model minority myth, and the anti-blackness that comes with it.

I hope this makes sense. I do not think she is anti-black at all, but she was created by an anti-black creator and her actions reflected that.

Also , in looking at it above, I think it’s also important to realize that Rose was handled in a very racist way as well. RJ wrote her from a very anti-black stand point, but also an anti-asian standpoint as well.

But on another note I really love Rose and kind’a wish the movie focused on her more.