So my sister is having trouble with rent and their fridge is currently empty. 

As I have three tween/teenage niecelings who need to eat, I’m just tossing this out here in case y’all can help them (or help me get a job so that I can help my family, that’s what the cv link is for): here’s a whole bunch of ways y’all can maybe help me if you can:

Quick update:

With the donations I got last night, my sister was able to buy groceries for the niecelings! So they should be eating okay for a few days! We’re still wobbly on rent but the food was the thing I was most worried about because my sister said that she’d been drinking tap water in lieu of eating because the last scraps of food they had HAD to go to the girls.

Thanks so much for donating and sharing!

(And remember, if you’re like “wow I know an online place that’s hiring writers/edits”…hit me up. Because a job and the security that’d offer would be amazing.)

So my sister is having trouble with rent and their fridge is currently empty. 

As I have three tween/teenage niecelings who need to eat, I’m just tossing this out here in case y’all can help them (or help me get a job so that I can help my family, that’s what the cv link is for): here’s a whole bunch of ways y’all can maybe help me if you can:

I’m trying to clear my schedule so I can get back into looking even harder for full time work after I graduate and so I can help my family, but it’s… hard and I am stressed. 

 As always, any help is appreciated and that includes sharing this post with your followers and shoving my CV at anyone y’all know is hiring for writers/editors. (Like I really would prefer a job because i need stability, y’all.)

Thank you all so much!


hey guys, i never do this but a really good friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer and she’s at a critical point where she can’t afford the rest of her treatment. she set up a fundraiser to cover the costs. if there’s any way you could share this or even possibly donate, i’d be so grateful. thank you so much ❤



Rent help

I hate it is coming to this but I do need help.

I need $400 for rent by 1/31.$dicapito

My little sister is hellbent on telling my mom to kick me out because she’s mad at…her own failed social life. So she’s hellbent on having my mom kick me out. So please help, even a signal boost for me to pay my rent.


I only need $200 since I’m allowed to go back to work but I won’t have the full amount by the 31st.

Thank you for the reblogs. Any and every little thing helps! 🖤💜

So I thought I would get my refund from school by today and so far, I haven’t gotten squat. Which is really bad because I have to pay my credit card bill and car insurance by tonight and I don’t have money for either of those things. Help/boosting would be greatly appreciated!  | $StitchMM

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Hey guys, Lex and her family are still struggling really bad. Two of their kitties are sick, one with diarrhea, and both she and her husband ate ill to boot.

They’re short on money for the RV parking spot and for tags for their car, as well. Plus the RV toilet still doesn’t work. They need a couple hundred dollars to make it through the holidays and hopefully get that toilet fixed so they’re not so stuck.

Also, they really need help with the sick kitty as the shelter near them won’t even let the surrender the poor fur baby without paying a $100 fee.

Please help out if you can and if not please signal boost.

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I’m crying right now, please help

My abusive mother just told me that she “accidentally” threw away my passport when she was spring cleaning.

Guys, I’m supposed to be travelling overseas on January 10 to reconnect with my dad and discuss the possibility of him supporting me. After struggling to survive for months, this was supposed to be my chance at finally getting financial support.

But now I’m absolutely devastated. My mother will stop at nothing to keep me financially screwed and relying on food banks to live.

I MAY be able to get a new passport in time, but I would have to pay so many fees. $277 for a new one and $183 for it to be processed quickly.

if you can, maybe donate a few bucks to help me at ?



If this post upsets you, please just keep scrolling


These photos were taken around one year apart.  One year.

Can you imagine living your life without teeth?

Have a brief example of what you’d experience:

– Unable to eat properly, your health and physical well-being suffers significantly and this shortens your life over time.  If you’re like me and have weak jaws, you’ll likely not be able to chew well; you’re going to be swallowing lumps of things, which is uncomfortable, gross, and unhealthy.

-Eating can be very painful, to the point you’re going to be eating soup, mashed potatoes, or cream of wheat for at least a few meals.

-Self-confidence tanks, and so can your mental health; this has really f*cked me up, leaving me intensely depressed to the point where I’ve pretty much cried for entire days, not to mention trying to adjust to this nightmare that has become my life.

– Dentures generally need to be pasted into your mouth (the paste doesn’t usually last that well, and isn’t a fix-all.  It also tastes pretty foul.) and tend to cause anything from mild discomfort to bad pain.

– You don’t get to eat anything sticky, chewy, etc.; no more toffee, gum, unprocessed meat, salad (yes, even things like lettuce and spinach are VERY difficult to eat.  And, forget fresh fruit and veggies.  Too firm,

– No biting with your front teeth.  

– There is no real ‘resting place’ for your lower jaw – it’s uncomfortable and even painful to have your gums pressed together, and letting your lower jaw relax and ‘hang’ is almost as bad.

– Have you heard someone speak without teeth?  You’re liable to repeat things A LOT and feel self-conscious and stupid.

-People will shun you, or give you repulsed looks.

-Try looking for work when you look like I do, all gums and no teeth.  No way you’re getting an interview or a call back.

Not to mention that your JAWS SHRINK and make it even more difficult to eat/speak and are prone to FRACTURING.

That’s why I am on my knees, begging and praying for the donations I so desperately need to replace my teeth with implants.

Implants act like REAL TEETH and I could eat/speak as before and my jaws would stop shrinking.  But, I live in poverty and am disabled.  I can’t afford it alone.  I’m scared this is going to be the end of me.

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i haven’t posted about this on tumblr yet, just facebook. a kid in my little brother’s class died during gym class. if you google it, it says he passed out for “no reason”. it’s a lie.

our family has personally had a problem with the gym teacher. my little brother has asthma and is made to bring his asthma pump every gym day because of how hard she pushes the kids. you’re made to do four laps, and if you can’t make it, you’re made to do four more. in this case, kamarr couldn’t do four.. so he was made to do eight. he couldn’t do eight.. so he was made to do twelve. you’re not allowed to take a break or get water. we live in south florida. it’s HOT. he passed out and pretty much died in front of all the kids.

when police arrived, they interviewed the kids (my brother included) and the kids told them he was doing extra laps for punishment. the school said “that’s absolutely not true”. again, IT’S A LIE. my mom has been complaining about the gym teacher FOR MONTHS. her complaints fell on deaf ears and now a child is dead. she’s also still my brother’s gym teacher. she should be in jail im

but here’s the gofundme to cover funeral expenses.  we’re trying to figure out a way to get our voices heard for this family because the school is trying to save face and basically lie to them. if y’all got any ideas let me know. #ripkamarrscott

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