I’ve largely been approaching the various “don’t censor fandom/the ao3″ conversations through a lens of race because many of the people arguing in favor of what’s essentially a free-for-all because desire is like sacred also don’t get that some of the stuff fandom desires leads to the erasure, objectification, or dehumanization of characters and fans of color

and i just saw this long ass “if you don’t like the ao3, make your own it’s open source” post and it reminded me of the fact that well… what happens when fans of color make our own?

We get accused of alienating white fans, reverse racism, and of causing drama.

Black people focusing on Black self-inserts/reader inserts for Black Panther? Black writers were literally accused of being racist to white readers for not having white OCs hook up with the Black characters in Wakanda. Nevermind that the majority of self-insert stories focus on white women and writers generally don’t make an attempt at inclusive writing/representation. When Black women wrote themselves into Wakanda and emphatically told white women “this is not for you”, they were accused of reverse racism.

How about whenever fans of color do events focusing on characters or creators of color? We’re always told that we’re cutting white women out and minimizing their access and blah blah blah. 

Consistently, if you see fans and creators of color say “this thing is for us, white people step off and return to your thing which is very white and super alienating” we get accused of alienating them as if we don’t have a very white history of fandom erasing us and diminishing us at every turn.

If a bunch of BNFs of color decided to put their heads together and make an archive of our own centered on characters of color being treated respectfully by creators of color, you know what the immediate fandom response will be right?

“You’re trying to steal the AO3′s shine/thunder/idea” despite being told to create our own.

“This is just going to be boring because you SJWs/antis don’t like anything interesting” 

“Why can’t I submit stories here? This is racist against white people”

And on and on and on.

And we know this because this is what always happens when people of color are told to make our own content/sites/safe spaces: white people refuse to let it go and even get mad at us for doing it.

(And, I’m going to say straight up that while many discussions about different kinds of marginalized people aren’t interchangeable or don’t apply well across marginalizations, this one I think is/can because in these conversations we’re seeing different people with different backstories being told that “if you don’t like the way x is, make your own” and like… I think that’s messed up) 

Like if your solution to “hey i think the AO3 needs to do better about the fact that there’s some serious fucked up shit on that unmonitored website touting itself as an Archive and no one seems to care that the AO3 isn’t always coming across as accessible or safe for many members of fandom” is a snotty “make your own”, you can go jump in a lake because that is just dismissive as hell and definitely doesn’t take the reality of what happens when we do create our own spaces… 

I’m honestly so glad that I don’t have the money to take the niecelings to see Infinity War.

Two of them have been watching MCU movies for practically their whole lives and are so fond of the characters and from everything I’ve heard about this movie from all of y’all?

It’s not worth it to spend a crap ton of money just to break their hearts.


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“If anything I think Shuri would be an older sibling for Bucky. She is smart and mature, and Bucky is…Bucky.”

Hey, how about y’all don’t make a sixteen year old Black girl into a mammy figure for a grown ass white dude?

Because that’s what comments like this do (and this was an actual comment left on a post about why writing Bucky as a brother figure to Shuri is weird and a little messed up considering the fact that she has an actual brother and is comfortable/friendly with Nakia and Okoye).

Fun fact:

It’s racist to say that Shuri is so “smart and mature” that her teenaged self would be an older sibling to a man chronologically several times her age AND it’s ableist to infantilize Bucky for having been traumatized and brainwashed over the decades.

He needed help to make sure that he wasn’t going to be a danger thanks to Hydra codewords, but that doesn’t mean that he suddenly stopped being a grown ass adult that no teenager – but especially a Black one – has any business taking care of in any capacity.

Y’all out here wanting Shuri to build tech for every white hero under the sun (despite not appearing to like the character since she’s smarter than Tony – we’ve seen the “subtle” character hate, y’all) but now that the movie is out, we have to deal with the fact that y’all also want her to mammy the fuck out of these people too?


queer is a slur, grow up



‘Queer’ was reclaimed as an umbrella term for people identifying as not-heterosexual and/or not-cisgender in the early 1980s, but being queer is more than just being non-straight/non-cis; it’s a political and ideological statement, a label asserting an identity distinct from gay and/or traditional gender identities.
People identifying as queer are typically not cis gays or cis lesbians, but bi, pan, ace, trans, nonbinary, intersex, etc.: we’re the silent/ced letters. We’re the marginalised majority within the LGBTQIA+ community, and

‘queer’ is our rallying cry.

And that’s equally pissing off and terrifying terfs and cis LGs.

There’s absolutely no historical or sociolinguistic reason why ‘queer’ should be a worse slur than ‘gay.’ Remember how we had all those campaigns to make people stop using ‘gay’ as a synonym for ‘bad’?

Yet nobody is suggesting we should abolish ‘gay’ as a label. We accept that even though ‘gay’ sometimes is and historically frequently was used in a derogatory manner, mlm individuals have the right to use that word. We have ad campaigns, twitter hashtags, and viral Facebook posts defending ‘gay’ as an identity label and asking people to stop using it as a slur.

Whereas ‘queer’ is treated exactly opposite: a small but vocal group of people within feminist and LGBTQIA+ circles insists that it’s a slur and demands that others to stop using it as a personal, self-chosen identity label.


Because “queer is a slur” was invented by terfs specifically to exclude trans, nonbinary, and
intersex people from feminist and non-heterosexual discourse, and was
subsequently adopted by cis gays and cis lesbians to exclude bi/pan and ace

It’s classic divide-and-conquer tactics: when our umbrella term is redefined as a slur and we’re harassed into silence for using it, we no longer have a word for what we are allowing us to organise for social/political/economic support; we are denied the opportunity to influence or shape the spaces we inhabit; we can’t challenge existing community power structures; we’re erased from our own history.

I’m not kidding. Cis LGs have literally taken historical evidence of queer people’s involvement in the LGBT rights struggle and photoshopped it to erase us:


Pro tip: when you alter historical evidence to deny a marginalised group empowerment, you’re one of the bad guys.

“Queer is a slur” is used by terfs and cis gays/lesbians to silence the voices of trans/nonbinary/intersex/bi/pan/ace people in society and even within our own communities, to isolate us and shame us for existing.

“Queer is a slur” is saying “I am offended by people who do not conform to traditional gender or sexual identities because they are not sexually available to me or validate my personal identity.”

“Queer is a slur” is defending heteronormativity.

“Queer is a slur” is frankly embarrassing. It’s an admission of ignorance and prejudice. It’s an insidious discriminatory discourse parroted uncritically in support of a divisive us-vs-them mentality targeting the most vulnerable members of the LGBTQIA+ community for lack of courage to confront the white cis straight men who pose an actual danger to us as individuals and as a community.


I’m here, I’m queer, and I’m too old for this shit.

I have nothing against Scott Eastwood, but he’s not a very talented actor and he definitely isn’t at the point where he could head up an action film (much less a franchise) on his own. Not yet.

I’ve seen him in Suicide Squad, Fate of the Furious, and The Longest Ride. His character was forgettable in Suicide Squad (and was killed off), got his useless ass kicked by The Rock in Fate of the Furious (he also doesn’t even get a name onscreen…), and while The Longest Ride was at least a leading role, it’s not like it showed off his acting chops or a future life as an action star.

I’m not saying he’s a bad actor or anything like that, but he’s just… average. He’s not his (creepy but talented) father. He’s not Wolverine material: he’s minion material.

I feel like he has potential and I do want to see where he goes as an actor, but right now he’s still… not ready to actually be an action hero.

However, many of the people fawning over him, who WILL say that they’re just fans of his work and that they think he should be heading up Pacific Rim Uprising over John Boyega, aren’t actually fans of his acting… They’re fans of his face, of how he looks when shirtless. And, though they won’t admit it even if you paid them, many of them are fans of his whiteness.

Irma Update – Shelter and Signal Boost

My mother isn’t feeling well so she wanted to go to a shelter where there will probably be medical personnel.

If you live in Miami or Broward County and need shelter from the storm, Park Lake Elementary is not even close to full capacity and they’re serving meals three times a day. You have to have your own bedding, water, general snacks, and toiletries, but it seems secure enough.

Many other shelters across Broward are still open and I think that if you’re even the slightest bit worried about your welfare, you should head to one of them.

I’ll be keeping y’all posted throughout the storm. My mom and I have three phones with service between us and a power bank with a ton of power.

Now, my sister and the niecelings are staying in our apartment which I do feel is as safe as any other sturdy building in a storm. Our windows are supposed to be storm resistant and they plan to hole up in the kitchen or bathroom if things get really bad. I’m still hoping that they decide to head to a shelter (or our shelter) but the apartment should be safe.

Additionally, I’m officially not looking for any information about the state of St. Thomas or my family members until after the storm passes us. It’s too stressful to worry about them and about my family up here.