I have nothing against Scott Eastwood, but he’s not a very talented actor and he definitely isn’t at the point where he could head up an action film (much less a franchise) on his own. Not yet.

I’ve seen him in Suicide Squad, Fate of the Furious, and The Longest Ride. His character was forgettable in Suicide Squad (and was killed off), got his useless ass kicked by The Rock in Fate of the Furious (he also doesn’t even get a name onscreen…), and while The Longest Ride was at least a leading role, it’s not like it showed off his acting chops or a future life as an action star.

I’m not saying he’s a bad actor or anything like that, but he’s just… average. He’s not his (creepy but talented) father. He’s not Wolverine material: he’s minion material.

I feel like he has potential and I do want to see where he goes as an actor, but right now he’s still… not ready to actually be an action hero.

However, many of the people fawning over him, who WILL say that they’re just fans of his work and that they think he should be heading up Pacific Rim Uprising over John Boyega, aren’t actually fans of his acting… They’re fans of his face, of how he looks when shirtless. And, though they won’t admit it even if you paid them, many of them are fans of his whiteness.

Irma Update – Shelter and Signal Boost

My mother isn’t feeling well so she wanted to go to a shelter where there will probably be medical personnel.

If you live in Miami or Broward County and need shelter from the storm, Park Lake Elementary is not even close to full capacity and they’re serving meals three times a day. You have to have your own bedding, water, general snacks, and toiletries, but it seems secure enough.

Many other shelters across Broward are still open and I think that if you’re even the slightest bit worried about your welfare, you should head to one of them.

I’ll be keeping y’all posted throughout the storm. My mom and I have three phones with service between us and a power bank with a ton of power.

Now, my sister and the niecelings are staying in our apartment which I do feel is as safe as any other sturdy building in a storm. Our windows are supposed to be storm resistant and they plan to hole up in the kitchen or bathroom if things get really bad. I’m still hoping that they decide to head to a shelter (or our shelter) but the apartment should be safe.

Additionally, I’m officially not looking for any information about the state of St. Thomas or my family members until after the storm passes us. It’s too stressful to worry about them and about my family up here.





Was that fall intentional or did they botch it up like Yuri does on those spins?? I can’t remember. Maybe I’m just doing the thing of reading too much into it. EITHER WAY, HOLY CRAP. WAY TO GO!

I live in hope that by the time Black Panther comes out, fan artists finally realize that drawing a random black face that looks nothing like the black character they’re supposed to be drawing isn’t acceptable.

You can find references everywhere because we live in a Google-driven world and yet… 90% of fan artists after The Force Awakens made sure to get Rey right but Finn… Finn is still drawn with what I can only call “Generic Black Guy” features.

(But it’s “their style” so it’s apparently rude to complain about how everyone takes pains to make sure the white characters look like their white actors but then play fast and loose with Black characters’ appearances.)

Maybe in 2018 fandom will figure out that all black people don’t look the same and apply that to their fan art?


i just wanted you guys to know theres a porn parody of the force awakens and just when this storm trooper dude starts feeling this bitch up, kylo came in and started doing his usual tantrum shit in the background unprovoked, meanwhile oblivious to all thats happening and let me tell you no porn has ever cut me so off guard and brought me to tears in .01 seconds until now

i was reading ur post on urban fantasy and flawed allegories ( a million years later ha ha) and i was wondering what you thought about the film zootopia and how it approached racism and oppression? assuming that you’ve seen it, of course.

I have…


Because I think it’s a super cute movie and I’ve seen it a shit ton of times (and will probably watch it again eventually), but the whole thing where predators are oppressed and stereotyped because they might “go savage” eat prey animals was just… not handled well. 

Again, it’s that thing where people can’t understand racism (because well… that’s what that was allegorical for right down to stereotypes about violence) unless it’s gussied up in some way.

But their allegory doesn’t make sense when you squint.

Yes, predators are the minority in the big city (because prey animals apparently have a lot of babies??) but they still have the potential to eat other animals. 

As in cases of oppressed werewolves and vampires subject to oppression based on their potential for violence in Urban Fantasy, the allegory falls flat because the fear is framed as realistic and understandable. If you’re a bunny or a sheep, it makes sense to be afraid of beings that have historically consumed you. 

The thing where white people have historically been afraid of Black people and claiming that they’re afraid of violence – what the Zootopia team is allegorizing? That doesn’t make sense and is just a racist stereotype. 

The predator/prey relationship in nature… is well… nature.

I would’ve prefered a bunny buddy cop movie that didn’t try to tackle (fantastic) racism but…. eh. 

(And like as I was writing this I was like “wow, I am definitely over-thinking this” but then I remembered that my 13 yo niece thinks that this was the Disney take on crack being introduced to Black neighborhoods so… I think… I’m good.)

For folks who are new here and don’t know my feelings on allegories:

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