I’ve got a free night because I won’t get the rest of my thesis draft edits back until tomorrow so I’m handwriting some stuff for the piece on POC being cut out of images/scenes and working on a thing about Killmonger (related to the Kylo Ren, woobified villain thing I mentioned earlier).

One of my best and oldest friends took me to their favorite dive bar/karaoke place so I had the excellent experience of working on my thesis in a bar (while drinking ridiculously cheap drinks).

I just felt the need to share that with y’all.


(Also, while I’ve seen Black Panther twice so far, I’m not yet in a place to talk about it beyond gushing. But the niecelings loved it and so did I.)


My presentation/class discussion on Bechdel and the queer Archive went really well!!

I’m probably not going to post it anywhere since I did WAY more on the spot speeches than I expected (but I’ll consider Patreon if I can get it edited and fleshed out to make up for that). Weh.

However I was able to take up like 40 minutes with the presentation part and then the last two hours or so of class we had a really active discussion!! Based on discussions from Fun Home and the supplemental text on Fun Home as a queer archive by hmm… Someone named Rohy whose last name I don’t remember.

I think the best part of the discussion was that it felt safe and comfortable to talk about the text in and out of the context provided by my query experience? Like unlike the one discussion we did on slavery after reading Beloved (where this nub straight up was like “aren’t we all descendants of slaves”) it was a safe discussion where it was okay to get personal and no one judged me for my jokes or anecdotes.

I was able to connect and dissect my queer experience in the context of Bechdel’s and vice versa (especially pointing out where experiences don’t mesh) without worrying about pushback from the one dude in the class that stressed me out in previous classes. It was just…

Such a great experience getting to get all academic about queerness AS a queer academic and the remaining classmates were just super insightful and I feel that we really were able to open up and unpack Bechdel’s queer archive while kind of doing the same to our own (those of us in the class who are queer).

I’m going to talk about fandom as a site for queer Archiving for/in my project for this class and THAT I will for sure share on Patreon and then here because it’s super relevant to a lot of my work and writing.