You know what I think is super useless?

That thing fandom does where, just because some people in a marginalized group like/are turned on by/find empowerment in a potentially problematic thing in fandom or media, it becomes sacred and no one can critique it because it’s now this like powerful thing that trumps the feelings of other people in the marginalized group that don’t like the thing and might even find it harmful.

See these super parapharased examples put together from stuff I have literally seen people say on here or twitter:

Don’t criticize queer folks for liking queer-coded villains because that’s all the representation we get 

Which ignores that a) queer coded villains literally are a result of homophobia and instilling fear of a queer threat and b) queer people who voice any negative opinion of a queer coded villain or a villain fandom thinks is queer coded

Fandom is primarily a space for women ~exploring their sexuality/gender~ so if you critique anything about fandom (but especially how so much M/M is a) about white guys and b) written by white women), you’re a misogynist

I literally got variations of that back in 2015 when I first posted my big slash shipping post about the misogyny and racism I’ve seen from slash shippers and in the patterns of shipping and guess what… not only am I largely lady-aligned, but I was getting called a misogynist for calling out misogyny

I’m a survivor of x and I write x to cope/because it turns me on/helps me manage my trauma… so it’s harmful to survivors to criticize content with x in it because what if the author uses it to cope/manage their trauma

But… what about survivors of x who think it’s harmful, uncool, stressful, bad, etc that people are writing x in the way that they generally do write anything that they probably shouldn’t make all sexy??

I’m working on the What Fandom Racism Looks Like: Slavefic instead of what I should actually be working on and I’m trying to figure out how to talk about the relationship between (white women’s) desire and slavery and how the shield of empowerment should really just remain in your D&D campaign instead of in fandom and like…

I hate that I have to try and figure out how to write this so that I won’t be subject to rude messages from people because I comment harshly on a thing they’re into and point out what “real slavery” looked like (and how it wasn’t sexy)

It still frustrates me how like… the only views from marginlalized people in fandom that genuinely matter in fandom are the ones that go along with the status quo of fandom – even when it’s like a super pseudo progressive fandom.

I saw a tweet from someone talking about how it made them uncomfortable to see the OP of a 9-tweet thread about how Hux was canonically queer coded get mocked because she was a queer woman of color and like… many of the people commenting on or about the thread were… queer people of color themselves.

Fandom doesn’t care about fans of color talking about racism in their fandoms unless they’re waving away responsibility. Like if you’re Black and you talk about how Rey/Kylo stans have, for like over two years, shat all over Finn for the sake of their ship and they’re not even very subtle about it, you’re just a jealous Finn/Rey shipper but like… if you’re Black and you’re like “um, I love villains and the Rey/Kylo fanbase isn’t racist at all”… you’re solid gold to the fandom.

Like I’m going to write this 5000+ word post (it’s at 3900 now so that’s likely) about slavery and Blackness and how even when you’re not writing about Black people, you’re informed by our historical subjugation, and get brushed off because some other Black person will be like “oh, so I’m racist against myself for liking stories about slavery” and the people who should be reading my post and going “hm… i never thought about that” will be like “oh, a token Black has spoken up against the sexual policing beastie so we can keep doing what we’re doing uncritically because we’ve got our seal of black approval”.

Fucking hell, y’all.

I hate that I have to gird my loins over this shit because the way fandom works is that the second a marginalized person speaks out against a thing another marginalized person is critiquing, the latter person’s opinion appears to be utterly negated because ~that person’s like you and they weren’t offended/hurt~ has a fandom translation and it’s RIDICULOUS.

I’m honestly so glad that I don’t have the money to take the niecelings to see Infinity War.

Two of them have been watching MCU movies for practically their whole lives and are so fond of the characters and from everything I’ve heard about this movie from all of y’all?

It’s not worth it to spend a crap ton of money just to break their hearts.

Fandom never notices that Black fans, characters, or performers are constantly being hit by microaggressions, flat out racist comments, sustained harassment, and/or dehumanizing comments/fan works beyond (what feels like) super performative shock when we go off on someone for it. Then it’s that shocked, gasp-y “oh no, how could there be racism in my fandom” nonsense.

Meanwhile, let a white guy (fictional or otherwise) get even a single critical comment – much less an insult about their appearance – and folks in fandom will be out here making defense squads, calling for heads to roll, and acting like someone walked up to this white guy and insulted him to his face. 

Think of all the defense squads and BNFs who devote their time specifically to shutting down criticism of white guys… fandom doesn’t do that for Black people. Despite the fact that various Tony Stark Defense Squads/Kindergartens/Platoons have existed for years upon years (for NO reason), the birth of the Iris West Defense Squad after Iris and her actress Candice Patton were subject to constant, violent misogynoir was met with claims that it was unnecessary. Like…

It’s just too convenient that folks never see anything problematic about fandom unless their current white dude fave gets insulted and then its open season on other fans like… 

This shit is TIRING.

It’s always hilarious to see people with Black Butler icons reminding other people about how some kinds of media can normalize things that harm others (like kids) because while that’s absolutely true, Black Butler is actually kind of that sort of media.

I feel like it’s highkey hypocritical to be like “I’m worried about protecting children from content that potentially sexualizes them/their experiences and trauma” while having an icon from a show/manga that… does that to their teenage main character often enough that it’s notable and triggering to people tbh.

(Black Butler used to be my thing back in the day but I mean… I think that it’s up there with vore when it comes to “things you enjoy that kind of shake your credibility when it comes to telling people what kind of problematic content is super harmful in fandoms”.

Like I’m not going to take a “Sebastian Against Daddy Doms” blog any more seriously than I would a “voreshaladins” blog because well… Why should I?)