More confirmation that folks aren’t clicking through to my work when they see and/or share an image post for one of my articles:

This post has gotten over 150 notes on tumblr in the past 72 hours 

The article actually about sexual racism in fandom?

Only 36 visits in the same time period.

It’s lightly frustrating to note, because if folks like my quippy little images, they’d love the posts where I actually show the work and back up my arguments. But they’re not getting there. At all.

I am not getting better at building an audience or getting people to actually read and engage with my writing, that’s for sure.

I love villains.

I generally don’t give a shit about who else loves villains unless, as with Kylo/Hux/First Order stans, they go above and beyond to defang their villain of choice or make up excuses for the character or organization.

Because if you have to defang your favorite villain or write off their violence/the violence of the organization they work for… 

How true is your love, really?

i just want to go back to bed and sleep forever

and cry

but mostly sleep

i’m running on less than two hours of sleep, i’m pretty sure I got fleas or some other kind of bug infestation from the assholes at my dorm being incapable of caring for their pets properly, i’m covered in scars and weird scabs i  didn’t have two weeks ago and I keep getting more of them because something is eating me alive, i currently have no insurance so i can’t even DO anything about it, i’ve got 24 hours from tomorrow morning (or whenever my thesis director shows up) to turn over edits on my thesis, 600 abstracts to edit BY TUESDAY for this dude i used to work for, and i have to clean my room/bag everything i own in case there is an infestation of something by the time i leave to visit my sister on Wednesday,  no idea what i’m going to do/where I’m going to live after April because i won’t be able to afford rent at my dorm through may/June/July, and i still have my period.

oh and the very idea of returning to campus after that bridge collapsed has me freaking out every time i think about it because even though it’s done and it’s not happening again, i can’t let go of the fact that the bridge is right where my dorm turns onto/off campus or that it could’ve happened next week when the street would have been busier (like if i didn’t already have a massive fear of infrastructure failures or of dying while traveling, i’d sure as hell have one now. as it stands, my anxiety is like a 42/10 and I may have to like drug myself in order to take the bus t/from campus now.)

in case you were wondering how i’m doing…

i’m doing badly folks

really badly

Dear Voltron Fandom

This is going to be condescending as hell, but here goes:

“Romantic coded” isn’t a thing.

Neither is “adult coded”

That’s not how “coding” as a term works. I get that y’all are using it as short hand, but please just spell the whole thing out rather than saying everything is x, y, or z coded and looking silly. Please.

“Coding” in media refers to something relatively specific and I don’t think that many people in this fandom have a great idea of what that specific thing is. "Coding” as a term typically refers to queerness and queer coding (something else that your fandom isn’t using properly) and doesn’t quite translate to other forms of identity without making an effort. Romance and age aren’t things that a character or their behavior can necessarily be “coded” as.

If you think that behaviors between two characters are potentially romantic or intended to be romantic, just say that. And "adult coded” isn’t a thing. If you’re trying to say that Allura, Shiro, and/or Lotor come across like adults in the series just say that

I promise y’all that you don’t need to grasp unsuccessfully at the language of literary and film theory in order to look smarter and more self-assured. Because when  you get it wrong… it isn’t pretty and you can wind up undermining your own argument. 

I know this from experience.


A Condescending Stitch

I don’t think I’m going to stop being angry about that absolutely ridiculous asshole.

90% of the work I do on this hellsite and on my website is free for consumption. Once or twice a month, I do patreon exclusive posts like the WorldBuilding Wednesday ones.

The rest of my content – blog posts, videos, audio posts, and social media posts – are free and accessible.

I get a few donations from followers (mostly from Twitter) and I do freelance work when I can get it, but for the most part… I’m super fucking poor. I have next to no income. I only just hit $200 on Patreon this past week and I doubt it’ll last.

But I don’t write my fandom or literature posts so I can make money. I mean, if I wanted to make money from fandom that badly , I’d take commissions for stories and write the very fucked up shit I criticize because I know what fandom likes and I’m damn good at it.

My patreon exists solely so that I can devote more time to creating content for y’all on here because I can’t afford to live without health insurance and Patreon pays for that.

If asking for five bucks or less for support, especially after I write something specifically for you, is too much and a sign of selling out/not really caring… You’re a fucking asshole and you can learn to Google shit on your own.

(And like if they’d said that they couldn’t afford to pay me, instead of disrespecting me, I would’ve given them a pdf because man… I’m poor and I get it. But no… They had to be a fucking asshole about it.)