Every time I’m like “well I don’t hate the DC fandom that much anymore” I remember that people still think and say that Midnighter in the Grayson comics was a “predatory gay stereotype” because he recognized Dick Grayson’s butt that one time and makes flirty jokes around/about Dick in their series crossover that was written by a bisexual man

(oh and because fandom sees him as “gay Batman” without any realization of how reductive that is, Midnighter is OBVIOUSLY preying on Dick’s “daddy issues”, issues that he can’t even have in that comic series because he and Bruce were the closest in age that they’ve ever been.)

Then I hate the fandom even more.

Lately the Voltron fandom hasn’t done anything new and more embarrassing than harassing and shaming a voice actor for a shipping joke made about shoes lately, but SDCC’s Voltron panel is basically right around the corner…

I expect that the more… ridiculous parts of the fandom will return to peak levels of ass-showing in their quest to prove that Shiro is too elderly to be shipped with anyone (but especially Keith because Klance must happen and the evil Shaladins must be defeated) despite the fact that the only confirmed ages are in the comics and call them teenagers.

I know I’m definitely torn between wanting the cast and crew to address (and shut down) some of the actual nonsense the fandom is spreading about the show, its crew, and its characters, and wanting an absolutely uneventful SDCC panel/Q&A.


yknow how copying existing art styles without learning the fundamentals creates generic, identical styles that look bad when compared to someone who learned from life and understands the fundamentals

tumblr is like, a social version of that

DC Comics Fans on Tumblr: *don’t read full issues of comics made after 2011, get most of their characterization ideas from other people’s out of character headcanon posts/fanfiction, constantly take panels or pages out of context in order to do negative reads of characters and insult the creators on social media*
Also DC Comic Fans on Tumblr: Okay but I could totally write [X character] WAY better than the person that’s actually writing them. DC should drop [person with actual experience writing comics professionally] and hire me instead!

I hate that the VLD fandom ascribes to a “there can only be one” sort of mentality when it comes to headcanoning characters as bisexual. 

And that character is Lance.

Lance is constantly headcanoned as bisexual because Kl@nce shippers don’t want to erase his interest in lady aligned aliens just because they ship him with Keith BUT the same people have decided that Keith is basically only Lance-sexual (because they REALLY don’t want him shipped with other people like… Shiro or Allura).

And it wouldn’t be a problem for individuals or even for a portion of fandom that ships K/L to be like “I headcanon Lance as bi and Keith as gay” if not for the fact that they’re framing it as something that is already canon. 

Which then leads to accusations of queerbaiting in a fandom for a show where romantic relationships currently aren’t a main focus because they’re in a war and this isn’t a Gundam series.

(It also leads to people calling other people homophobic because they don’t headcanon Keith as gay and ship him with Allura. Back when the Wondercon Allura reveal happened and the fear of canon K@llura happened, I started seeing people accusing K@llura shippers of being homophobic because “Keith is gay and erasing his sexuality to ship him with Allura is wrong”. It’s still going on, by the way.

And, as with most of the drama/problematics in the VLD fandom, it all revolves around people saying that things that weren’t canon really are and freaking out on them because of it.)

This annoyed post is brought to you by the fact that I saw a Pride Month post celebrating blue bisexuals where Lance was present and Korra was the only canon bisexual on the post. Headcanons can be great but they’re still not canon (unless a miracle happens).