I’ve been awake since like… whenever it was I tweeted about my dream about going on a date with John Boyega (and I went to sleep officially around 1am) so I think I’m going to head to bed.

I’ll probably wind up reading but… I think I’m going to bed.

Which is what matters, right?

The junior novel for Black Panther is a good place to start if you’re unsure of character voice and need to see prose rather than script in order to get a grasp on the characters.

It has two parts:

One set during the film up to the end of the Busan chase (which includes a bit between T’challa and Nakia when they were young that I think will probably be in the deleted film scenes)

And another set in between Civil War and Black Panther that shows Ross and T’challa working together and dealing with someone out to kill Zemo. (That part I care way less about because T’challa is the only black person in that section AFAIK, but if y’all want to know what happened to Zemo… That’s where you look.)

Back when I was way younger and less informed, I’d actually really wanted to be an FBI agent. I was fascinated by the stories about agents hunting down serial killers and of course, knew WAY more about serial killers than I should’ve. 

I say this because I was watching this behind the scenes thing about Silence of the Lambs and got on a wiki spiral for serial killers (again). And of course, many real world serial killers have traumatizing backstories that supposedly lead to their lives of horrific murder. (Which is terrible because like… millions of people have truly terrifying lives and they manage not to brutalize others…). 

So many true-crime writers from back when I was a tadpole kind of seemed to be too fascinated by the idea of these horrible killers – maybe they do that still, but I don’t know – that they basically acted like these dudes did horrible things in order to cope with their past trauma.

And, god help me, when that thought hit I just like started cackling at the mental image of Hannibal Lecter telling someone (maybe Gillian Anderson’s character, his therapist, in the TV series) that 

“sometimes, I just… kill and eat people… to cope, you know?”

And I mean… I’m still laughing 

Because that is terrible.

I’m terrible.

A lot of these folks that want to be like “Not all non-Black people” in response to Black people talking about racism in and out of fandom really need to watch Raoul Peck’s I Am Not Your Negro documentary on James Baldwin because he literally pokes holes in that already leaky logic.