Fair warning that I have a pending post about the thing fandom does where it uses trauma survivors as a shield against having problematic ships/tropes/kinks as if coping mechanisms that sexualize and glorify certain kinds of content are above critique.

It’s all about how by using survivor status to shut down critique, fandom manages to end conversations on how poorly assault is handled within most fandom spaces because of course, no one wants to hurt feelings or invalidate experiences.

So if that’s a POV you’re not down with, feel free to unfollow or mute me for the day.

Midnighter/Apollo is my favorite canon ship in the DC universe. Straight up.

These violent and beautiful frickers comprise one of the few ships I just ship with no strings attached.


My old writing is so cringeworthy (I internalized and experienced a lot of horrid things in 2009/10), but it’s amazing to actually see and then chart my progress towards the person I am today.

My fiction writing is WAY better and my meta/nonfic stuff is largely more nuanced and I’m clearly working at being self aware of my trouble spots.

I’m not perfect (because well… No one is), but I’m okay and I’ve been thinking a lot these past few days on how to do better and be better as a person, a critical fan, and a blogger.

Seriously, introspection feels GOOD!

I maintain that the worst time to be all “um… queer is a slur sweetie” is when someone else is talking about something serious (i.e., what happens to Poussey) especially if THEY identify as queer.

(I’m not getting into further details here about this trend I’ve noticed where person x posts about a topic of representation or violence and person y ignores what they’re saying on order to police them about using the term queer. I tweeted about my thoughts earlier this week and don’t feel like rehashing just yet.)

I guess this is my one dick move, but I have identified as queer since before I graduated high school almost a decade ago. I’m not going to stop.

I don’t feel like the “mainstream” acronym-laden community has ever been very welcoming to me as a queer black femme flirting with the ace/aro spectrum.

Quite honestly, if you have a problem with my use of the term queer either for myself or as a “blanket” term, you should probably unfollow me or blacklist the term.

It’s so weird how, when you critique anything about slash shipping culture, people (usually women) rush in with “stop policing women’s sexuality”.

That’s a surprise for me because at best, women’s fascination with male/male shipping is a form of voyeurism. It’s akin to a kink, not an actual sexual identity like…

It’s fascination with a fantasy more often than not and even if it was (somehow) what these people are trying to claim it as, that doesn’t render it free from critique at all like you’re still part of a group of people who are complicit in upholding racism and misogyny so…