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Stitch Plays Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

When White Villains Get Woobiefied: Kylo Ren Is Just
A Monster In A Mask

A thought about werewolf stomachs:

Five Things I Want From Amazon’s Eventual Lord of
the Rings Series

Jones Doesn’t Care About Men of Colour

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[WIP Post] What
Fandom Racism Looks Like – Slavefic Snippet 1

[Finished Draft]
Life As a (Semi) Professional Hater

[Finished Draft]
Who the heck is Ben Solo?

[WIP Post] What
Fandom Racism Looks Like – Misogynoir (Snippet 2)

[Image Post]
While You Sleep

[WIP Post] What
Fandom Racism Looks Like – Misogynoir

Talks About the Thesis Process

[Finished Draft]
Urban Fantasy 101 – A Guide to Shifter Romances)

Post] The Bride’s Choice

Rose and Finn WIP –
Part Two

Threads/Tumblr Posts I’m Proud Of

made use of the hashtag #WhatFandomRacismLooksLike through April. You can find
the threads starters here.

number five billion about how the Rey/Kylo fanbase is a racist one from the
roots up

post about calling people of color talking about fandom racism “fake woke”

many people don’t see how awful the Star Wars fandom is about John Boyega or
how Adam Driver’s whiteness influences his treatment

Rose and Finn WIP – Part Two | Zina on Patreon


The full piece has hit 2000 words but it’s still not quite done and it’s definitely disjointed because I bounced all over the place in my mild anger. However, here’s a snippet where I talk about why the novelizations burned away what little Rose Tico love I had managed to keep after actually watching The Last Jedi.

If you want to see my incredibly critical thoughts about Rose Tico interactions with Finn in the novelization for The Last Jedi (and how the novelization, like the film, basically ignores Finn’s characterization and arc from The Force Awakens), this 600-word snippet is up on Patreon for everyone at the $1 Tier and higher!

Rose and Finn WIP – Part Two | Zina on Patreon

Zina is creating reviews, articles, and essays about pop culture and fandom. | Patreon


My background is largely in History (both of my degrees so far are in that field) but I’m also studying intersections of identity in comic books and related literature for my MA in Literature. I apply that background to what I write whether it’s in fiction or in the articles and reviews that I do.

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Zina is creating reviews, articles, and essays about pop culture and fandom. | Patreon


Fandom spends so much time making sure that we understand that not only is Kylo the real victim of The Last Jedi (typically because of LUKE, not SNOKE in the wake of The Last Jedi) and a survivor of childhood abuse at that, that they kind of just… make shit up in the process in order to make sure that Kylo is seen as a sympathetic character. Even though… he’s not really.

Let’s be very real here: This sort of steaming hot take is only possible because he’s a “handsome” white male villain and fandom loves a white male villain they can redeem and claim isn’t responsible for his own actions.

When White Villains Get Woobiefied: Kylo Ren Is Just A Monster In A Mask

[Finished Draft] Who the heck is Ben Solo?


Kylo Ren and Ben Solo aren’t the same character.

One’s a vaguely interesting villain with the potential to be terrifying that has, as of The Last Jedi, gone under-explored in favor of trying to canonize his woobifcation (thanks Rian!).

The other is peak white villain woobification combined with a hefty dose of fandom racism.

New post up on Patreon for folks at the $3 Tier about how I have no idea who that noble lost prince Ben Solo is because he’s even more made up than the rest of the characters in the franchise – because he’s largely made up by fandom.


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Non-Fiction: Jessica Jones Doesn’t Care About Men of Colour


The thing about the feminism on display in Jessica Jones is that it isn’t universally empowering or accessible. This is a series that centres the titular character’s pain above that of other people, and that treats the lives of people of colour—particularly men of colour—as accessories to her narrative.

As a show, Jessica Jones has represented peak ‘white feminism,’ centring white womanhood, from day one. Like Agent Carter, Supergirl, and Wonder Woman, it’s a narrative focused on white female characters in worlds where characters of colour are afterthoughts, sidekicks, villains, or background support. From Reva Connor’s death being used as a catalyst to jumpstart Jessica breaking free from the control of her abusive ex, Kilgrave, to the overwhelming lack of characters of colour in the series’ New York City, to killing off both of its black female characters in the second season, and to Jeri Hogarth filling the “Evil Lesbian” trope, this is not a series that cares about putting forward an inclusive or intersectional form of feminism.

However, one of the most glaring examples of this is in the way that the series treats its male characters of colour, particularly in its second season. Men of colour and their experiences (including their trauma) are never seen as important or as valid as Jessica’s trauma.

I got to write about Jessica Jones mediocre second season and how the season failed the three recurring male characters of color for Anathema Magazine. This season was even more awful about how it treated male characters of color and that’s saying something considering how the first season had Jessica stalk and sleep with Luke Cage knowing full well that he was connected to the woman that she’d killed on Kilgrave’s command.

If you’re interested in reading me at some of my saltiest, check out “Jessica Jones Doesn’t Care About Men of Colour” at Anathema Magazine!

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Non-Fiction: Jessica Jones Doesn’t Care About Men of Colour