Everytime I think I’m done with Tokyo Ghoul, something happens to remind me that I will never be over that series.

In this case, it’s the first episode of re (the third anime season based on the second manga series).

I’m rewatching The Force Awakens and the scene where Finn and Rey try to convince the other to stay with them in Maz Kanata’s castle never fails to just mess me up.

I just love how important they are to each other just after a few short (days? hours?) of travel together. It’s just so sweet and I adore how JJ and co have their relationship play out across TFA.

I started watching Lucifer because I ran out of background noise shows. If you remember, I hated the pilot episode. I still do.

But the rest of the show? Not bad. This Lucifer isn’t necessarily MY Lucifer, but he’s alright.

(It sucks that I’m only on season one while season three just started, but that’s absolutely a ME problem.)

Tiny T was so excited to see Hairspray, but apparently she didn’t know that it was about racism and segregation. So she’s been basically screaming with rage for like thirty minutes.

I’m disappointed in myself, but I’ve become super invested in Murdoch Mysteries despite it being super white and having some major White Savior moments. But seven seasons are on Netflix and I tend to fall asleep with the TV so… I now care deeply about this mediocre show.