Everytime I think I’m done with Tokyo Ghoul, something happens to remind me that I will never be over that series.

In this case, it’s the first episode of re (the third anime season based on the second manga series).

I’m rewatching The Force Awakens and the scene where Finn and Rey try to convince the other to stay with them in Maz Kanata’s castle never fails to just mess me up.

I just love how important they are to each other just after a few short (days? hours?) of travel together. It’s just so sweet and I adore how JJ and co have their relationship play out across TFA.

I started watching Lucifer because I ran out of background noise shows. If you remember, I hated the pilot episode. I still do.

But the rest of the show? Not bad. This Lucifer isn’t necessarily MY Lucifer, but he’s alright.

(It sucks that I’m only on season one while season three just started, but that’s absolutely a ME problem.)

Tiny T was so excited to see Hairspray, but apparently she didn’t know that it was about racism and segregation. So she’s been basically screaming with rage for like thirty minutes.

I’m disappointed in myself, but I’ve become super invested in Murdoch Mysteries despite it being super white and having some major White Savior moments. But seven seasons are on Netflix and I tend to fall asleep with the TV so… I now care deeply about this mediocre show.

My Wonder Woman Thoughts – Spoilers/Critique Under the Cut

The niecelings and I watched Wonder Woman today.

I did love it. I did. I’ve been joking that I waited seventy-five years for this movie. And it was worth it. It’s definitely my top DCEU movie so far (I’m not telling you my order because you will all judge me and I might deserve it).

I cried. I ugly cried. From start to finish.

It was nearly everything I wanted.


I’ve got criticism.

Man, this was a white movie.

The Black Amazons got a fair amount of speaking time which was awesome! (Aside from my inability to figure out if Nubia and Phillipus were in this film…)

But I don’t remember seeing many/any Amazons of color get significant speaking roles which… ugh. This is 100% why there needs to be an Amazon movie entirely about these women in their day to day lives (because shit happens on that island…) that gives more of a voice and presence to actresses of color. 

And, like there was no diversity in London beyond blink if you miss it moments. Like WOC basically vanish once off Themyscira and MOC are present in the 2 supporting characters (”Chief” and Sameer) who are basically walking stereotypes.

Also “Chief” is basically not identified by the name he gives Diana when they meet (btw I wouldn’t know what it was if not for a tumblr post I saw and then promptly lost argh). He’s a fantastic character and I like that he had WAY more screentime and was more likeable than Slipknot in Suicide Squad. But like… Chief isn’t a name…

Sameer was alright. Kind of like… a wannabe womanizer. In a conversation with Diana, racism was brought up for the only time in the film and the word itself wasn’t said. I have… thoughts on race/racism in this film and other historical superhero/fantasy films (because that’s what this is) so I guess that’s getting a write up…

The villain was predictable and laughable. I knew who it was REALLY early on and the bait and switch was kind of silly. So were the special effects for the last big fight scene.

Hate that Doctor Poison was given facial disfigurement (it’s not in her character history apparently) and kind of made an oddity who is then, at the end of the movie, revealed to be a pathetic woman worthy of forgiveness/understanding by Diana instead of death for the atrocities she committed. (I have a great Twitter pal that talks about disfigurement in media and if she does a thread on the film and Doctor Poison, I’ll pass it along here.)

Steve was darling. I love him. I knew he was going to pull a Cap and cried anyway. He was such a good bean. (Also the like nearly nude dude scene in the baths was NOT something the niecelings were expecting to see… Tiny T may have been lightly scandalized.)

Etta was also darling. What a cutie! I wish we could have had more films set in this time period so the relationships with Etta, Diana, and Steve could’ve been more fleshed out.

When the “where i come from that sounds like slavery” line happened, all the white people laughed but like me + the niecelings + my friend were like “uh… no” because that wasn’t a funny line and also it’s not slavery if you’re being paid a living wage and also AREN’T A SLAVE

I wanted to be all “okay you’re not really in love with her, Steve” but like… I was a bit in love with her at the end of the movie and at least he had like a week or two to fall for her (including travel maybe?). I only had like three hours.

It was a fun but utterly depressing movie (but sweet). 

I just… I really love Wonder Woman and GG is a better Wondy than I thought we’d ever get (like I’m just a smidge bitter because of my Gina Carerra thing, okay)

Don’t mind me, I’m just a grown ass adult ugly crying over Ponyo, the cutest mermaid(ish) movie in existence, instead of sleeping.

Ponyo and Sosuke are the cutest and sweetest babies ever and I love them so much.

(I’ve been having a bad well… *week* and this helps. I can never stay sad when babies or toddlers are involved.)