I’ve seen Deadpool twice with some very lovely friends and honestly, I really liked it.

Some people wound up realizing that they didn’t like Deadpool because of this movie but you know what, I actually felt the opposite. Which was weird because I’m always ready to dislike new things. There were a handful of moments that I thought were more offensive than funny though and I’m not entirely sure how to parse them right now. But yeah, it’s like… super funny but obviously problematic in ways that might not work for for many people. 

I’m not actually going to air my Deadpool thoughts because it you know… just came out last night and I’d like to give more people a chance to see it.  But trust me, I have thoughts. And I’m looking forward to seeing what other people thought about the film.

Also: if you want to know what triggers/offensive content are in the film, you can message me and I’ll respond privately with information. 


netflix recommended me this show about school girl detectives

look at these dorks!!!

Yes okay this is actually one of the best dramas I’ve ever watched and it handles some serious topics (like bullying, assault, stalking, and queerness) in a way that I have rarely seen in similar “girls’ school” dramas.

The characters are dorks but holy shit do they kick ass throughout the show

I hope you enjoy it!!

I love season 1 of the librarians but

A) the whole show is like intensely Christian and Euro centric like they’re not even bothering to hide that (and I seriously hated the Santa Claus episode)

B) it’s only vaguely diverse (like there are more women than the average action/supernatural show but not enough lgbtqia & poc rep)

C) I’d really like a proper explanation as to why these 3 librarians are the only ones left like so there aren’t any super smart people left on the earth that can be potential librarian candidates?

D) It reminds me of that rogue angel novel series and I didn’t enjoy that series past book

The littlest nieceling and I are starting s2 because we picked it as our show but man it needs to be a fair amount better for us to keep up after this season