I’m struggling to figure out how/where to post the erotica I’m writing on my website because it’s “semi professional” so I don’t want random children or my family members able to see what I’m writing but I’m also not sure how, if I did a password protected post for NSFW chapters or pieces, I would make sure that only people who were above 18 had access to it without having to put in effort.


(But in good news, I have the prologue of a story set to post in a week or two and the first two parts of the erotic story I’m currently working on are all but completed. I’m also going to rework the story about accidental demon summoning and figure out where that’s going…)


Apartment buzzer *BUZZZZZZZZ*

Me: huh guess my friend got here a LOT faster than the 20 min bike time and the timing of their last app would suggest O.o *picks up phone, says hi, buzzes to let them in*

1 min later: doorbell *EXTRA ANGRY BUZZZZZZZZZZ*

Me: *opens door*

Delivery person: *shoves package in my hands*

Me: wtf

Me: *yelling so the 2 housemates in their own rooms will hear me* WHO ORDERED A THING

Person 1: NOT ME


Me: wtf person #3 NEVER orders stuff *peers at package*

Me: that… is my name. why is that my name? this feels like a book. I do not recall ordering a book. why is it a book with my name on it???

Me: *opens package*

Me: ooooooohhhhhhhhhhh everything makes sense now =D

@stitchmediamix look what finally made it through printing and overseas shipping!!!!




So um… I wrote this thing (but because I’m anxious and scatterbrained, ya’ll are getting this over a month after it was posted) .

However! Not only should y’all head over to ComicsAlliance to read my post on Horimiya but you should head out and buy the first volume because it’s a really cute series with a whole lot of meaning that speaks to me (and might speak to ya’ll).

[Snippet]: Breaking And Entering

’m really pleased with how much progress I’ve made on this story. I thought that it’d be stuck in my WIP folder forever but something just clicked into place for it this past weekend and I wrote about four thousand words for it. I like the way that it’s turned out so far and I’m so pleased with this goopy and fluffy story that I’m going to just put my all into it and try and finish it as soon as possible!

This is a story about a lonely snake demon, a grouchy god with a sweet center, and the sentient temple that thinks that they’d be perfect together.


[Snippet]: Breaking And Entering