thank you for that SU post! i was hoping they were going to do something to come back from splashing indian aesthetics liberally all over one of their colonizer baddies (again, does no one on the creative team know that india…), but it doesn’t sound like their understanding of colonialism as something real and not a neat piece of sci-fi set dressing has deepened :/

It’s super annoying that the SU crew seems to have decided that telling a story where oppressors are forgiven and are so sad that we just have to ID with them is more important than making a point of confronting colonialism and Empire at a level children can grasp.

I think that there’s still a lot of good that SU has done for queer kids and kids who don’t conform to gender expectations, but it has seriously dropped the ball when it comes to the way they talk about colonization.

I’m not sure that SU can return to a place that I’d be comfortable watching it because between the way that Blue D absolutely was created by appropriating Indian aesthetics and the whole “forgive your oppressors” narrative the series is pushing, I’m beyond frustrated.

(And sadly, I can’t stop watching it because it’s part of a routine I have with a close friend who doesn’t do well with routine changes but I’m going to complain the entire time.)