All this talk about Finn having a sister, I had to. Sorry for any spelling mistakes this was a bit rushed. 

She’s holding into her blaster while she watches the approaching white armored figures of stormtroopers. Unable to do anything but watch over her baby brother while her petite mother and father walk to meet them. She’s seen her mother, a well known diplomat, stand with her head high and back arched. A woman who had volunteer to join the New Republic when everyone else had been doubtful of how successful the New Senate could be. 

Respected and beloved by her people. She had always looked up to her. Had wanted to be just like her. 

Her brother pulls on her clothes with his tiny fat fingers. She looks down to hush him and pull him closer to her. His big eyes looking up at her. Familiar and reassuring. Unaware of the danger. Of the blaster fire and smoke that covers the sky in the distance. 

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If Finn is FS and has a Force Vision about his parents during his coma?

Fancast to Finn’s parents (Chadwick Boseman and Gugu Mbatha-Raw).

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Honestly one of the most underrated moments for Finn was him telling Maz off for calling him a coward. He doesn’t insult her, doesn’t raise her voice, doesn’t get the least bit violent or threatening, just holds her gaze and tells her she has no right to judge him.

Because he’s had things like that drilled into him his entire life. You’re a coward for not fighting, not killing, not leaving your squadmates behind. You have to be the perfect soldier, the perfect stormtrooper or you’re worthless. He has panic attacks. He’s scared and he’s running because he honestly doesn’t know what else to do, and throughout that conversation he’s at best confused and at worst frightened by Maz. But she implies that he’s a coward, and he calmly but firmly rejects it.

Finn has been subject to horrific abuse that has shaped who he is but at every opportunity he can,no matter how small, he is refusing to let the First Order control him anymore and honestly that is beautiful.

Kylo Ren’s scary fixation on Finn


It’s been pointed out for a while that Kylo Ren in The Force Awakens has a fixation on Finn that turns increasingly to rage. These moments include:

  • Noticing Finn at Tuanul village and intimidating him by unfreezing the blaster beam from Poe’s rifle
  • Realizing immediately that Finn was the Stormtrooper who had escaped with Poe
  • Flying into a rage at the mention of Finn escaping Jakku with BB-8
  • Purposefully inflicting pain and maximum injury on Finn during the lightsaber battle in the woods

What I haven’t seen mentioned is that right after Ren killed his father Han Solo, he recognized Finn and was enraged enough to go after him despite being badly wounded. I didn’t put this in my recent edit because the context would not be clear enough, and I think a text explanation is necessary to show what was going on.

To preface, I always thought it was odd that the camera focused so much more on Finn’s face than Rey’s shortly after Han’s murder by Kylo Ren. She was the one who had built up a rapport with Han, to the extent Ren realized from his mind probe that she saw him as a father figure, and she was the one who wept at Han’s death. Finn and Han had built an understanding and mutual respect, but I never got the sense there was a deep emotional connection between them.

Looking through the movie recently for footage to edit, though, I was chilled to realize that the longer focus on Finn wasn’t the camera emphasizing his reaction over Rey’s; rather, we were getting a Kylo Ren’s-eye view of Ren staring at Finn. The man had just killed his father and he was taking that moment to fixate on his former minion. Here’s what I think was going on:

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Finn’s first and last words in Star Wars : The Force Awakens.

Finn’s first words echo his fear-fueled and conditioned obedience toward the First Order. He is shaken and traumatized, but still trapped in a system in which he has to obey orders no matter what.

Finn’s last words are the culmination of his journey and character evolution during TFA. He was brave enough to run, then brave enough to come back, and now he’s brave enough to fight back against the thing he fears the most : the First Order, embodied by Kylo Ren.

[Two gifs of Finn from Star Wars. In the first one, he’s in his Stormtrooper suit but without the helmet, and says “Yes, Captain” to Phasma who is standing in the background. In the second gif, he’s standing in a snowy forest with a light saber in his hands, and says “Come get it” to Kylo Ren, who is off-screen.]


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