replied to your post “There are people in the Star Wars fandom who are notably and vocally…”

black people , not people of color

Bless your little heart, but I’m talking about all the characters of color that have been shown in the star wars franchise and erased or dismissed by its fandom. 

Trust me, when I make posts on the fandom’s antiblack racism, I get specific as hell with that shit. This post was specifically to highlight that no character of color is seen as acceptable or interesting enough to fandom and that fandom is hypocritical when positioning itself against the dudebros in “mainstream” fandom.

Honestly, at the end of the day, everyone involved in recent “coping ship” discourse in fandom loses because they wind up either disclosing their trauma to strangers or dismissing someone else’s in order to gain a leg up or legitimacy for their shipping/criticism.

I made the video but it’s like 2 seconds too long and I don’t feel like fiddling with it now because I’ve been up since like seven o_o

We’re never believed when we talk about racism in fandom and people are just so eager to silence us.

I’m on the “fandom racism” tag on tumblr because I occasionally do like to find new people to block when I see this blogger talking about the white women in fandom doing shipping olympics to justify not shipping Spider-Man with Zendaya!MJ. 

Their next post in the tag comes from some anon fussing at them, accusing themof generalizing and blaming a “vocal minority” in the same anonymous message. (”hardly any white girls probably even care about spider-man” the anon said as if a majority of transformative fandom isn’t made up of white women and therefore, the spider-man fandom has a ton of white women in it)

Nevermind that people have been shitting on Zendaya since the second that the news dropped (and btw, it’s still not official news from Sony/Marvel).

 Nevermind that the Thor fandom is now pretending that it cares about Jane Foster in order to excuse misogynoiristic complaints about Tessa Thompson playing Valkyrie and possibly playing Thor’s love interest. 

Nevermind that every time a Black woman is cast as a white character, white men derride her appearance and white women dismiss her character and act as if she’s unworthy of being in a relationship with the white fave she’s undoubtedly cast opposite. 

Nevermind that already I’ve seen female members of fandom talking about how “it’d be nice to have a Spider-Man movie where Mary Jane doesn’t have a love interest” (like Homecoming already doesn’t have that!!).

When we (fans of color and anti-racist allies) talk about the racist abuse we see directed towards, fans, actors, and racebent characters of color, the first thing we see is their outstretched hands demanding “proof” and acting like making up racism is like a thing people actually do. 

It pisses me off so hard because right now, we’re getting it from two sides: members of “mainstream” fandom constantly crapping all over Black women as if it’s their job and (largely female) members of transformative fandom who’ve learned to couch their racism and hatred of women of color in social justice rhetoric so it looks like they’re fighting for us, not against us. 

And even though you can look at Twitter, in tumblr tags, and google this shit, people are still like “I don’t see why you’re complaining, it’s not a big deal”. 

Our anger is reactionary. We are reacting to endless racism aiimed towards fans, characters, and creators of color. If you sincerely believe that the right thing to do when faced with this reality is to demand proof and get mad when it’s given?

You can fuck right off. 

I’ve got to head offline and do some actual work (like writing my Suicide Squad review’s first draft, editing some short fiction, and working on some writing for Patreon) but I shall return to yell about fandom’s fascination with white crime later!

Here’s what you can expect from me in August

Okay so I’m going back to school near the end of the month which means that my writing time will shrink down immensely. So I’m trying to figure out ways to provide y’all with good stuff and still do well with my classes and general mental health.

First,  for general blog consumption:

  • I’m still working on the queer (coded) Joker piece (and will probably incorporate some aspects of the Suicide Squad film’s portrayal of the character if I see it) so hopefully that will be done this month.
  • The reference list for my big Batman paper so that interested followers can do their own digging.
  • A post about Black pain in the MCU (and how canon and fandom suck at dealing with it)
  • Urban Fantasy 101: Allegory Overuse
  • Letter to the Author: Matt Wallace
  • Breaking and Entering (provided that the art I commissioned is done by the end of the month)
  • Lamplickers – a little horror story set in the Caribbean (formerly Patreon Exclusive)
  • Radioplay Day – “The Creeper”
  • A Batman vs Superman themed giveaway (because I have a digital code and an amazon gift card set aside)

For Patreon peeps (and seriously, you should consider subscribing)

First of all, I’m not sure when the lesbian sirens story will happen because it’s just getting super long. I’m replacing it with something shorter and fluffier, but it’s still on the table for upcoming months. Additionally, I’m going to put a hold on both Adventures in Accidental Demon Summoning and The Consort until I get more written because I’m catching up with my backlog and it’s stressful.

But there will still be good content!

For $1+ Patrons

  • Urban Fantasy 101: Werewolf White Supremacy
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  • An advance look at my review for “The Dream Quest of Vellit-Boe” from Tor
  • The specific “Lord, Laurell K Hamilton is bad about race” post (maybe)

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Additionally, there’ll be at least one audio post about fandom and a video review of something (I’m thinking Tarzan because it’s so horrible and hilarious).

I’d really appreciate any support y’all can give me because I’m working really hard and super stressed out by a lack of response. If you all can share my writing and support me when you can, that’d be awesome.

I’m so behind on getting some of my Patreon rewards up before the end of the month because it’s deadline time at my dayjob and my boss had me working all week because the manuscript I’m editing is being sent in tonight (so I had ZERO days off this week and no time to write the way I usually try to on those days). 

I’m trying to get Adventures in Accidental Demon Summoning Chapter Three and the lesbian sirens story up for tomorrow but I might have to delay updates for a day or two until I can make sure I get a dedicated day off. (And I’m thinking of writing a different story about my delightful sirens and holding off on the story of their courtship for a later reward because what I have so far is really long and yet really far from being finished…)