For ‘Little Mermaid’ star, a rude awakening in Middle America




“In more cosmopolitan regions it might be surprising that Huey’s casting as Ariel would raise any eyebrows at all. That has been the incredulous reaction of “Mermaid” director Glenn Casale, who said he cast Huey in the role for one simple reason: She was the best singer.

“She was a good actress, she was the right age, she sings it like nobody else,” said Casale, best known for directing Cathy Rigby in “Peter Pan.” “We probably saw 50 Ariels, and Diana really sang it the best.”

Squeaky Wheel Film and Media Art Center Executive Director Maiko Tanaka, who is Japanese Canadian, had a similar response when asked to comment on the controversy.

Tanaka phrased her response in the form of two questions and a terse statement: “1. Can she sing? 2. Can she dance? 3. It’s a friggin’ mermaid.””

so that argument about “they just cast the most talented person” only applies when a character of color is whitewashed? shocker

And that’s why it’s always about colour and the fact that y’all believe the most talented people have to be white by default.

For ‘Little Mermaid’ star, a rude awakening in Middle America