Tony Stark, a white male character whose three solo movies alone have made almost $2.5 USD in ticket sales and who shows up in or is centered in stories he has no business in, is basically the LAST character that needs a defense squad or legion…

A white man who has ptsd from war, donates his money to charity foundations, is constantly trying to improve and increase the livelihood of the next generation. Who destroyed his entire weapon making company the /moment/ he found out it was being used by terrorists, was /tortured/ for months by terrorists escaped through his brain and dragged back home, only to have people label him as selfish. A man who was possibly abused as a child, drinking since he was a teen. A man who needs support because he’s literally never hand anyone other than pepper and Rhodes who didn’t want to stab him in the back or take his money. Tony stark is a man who lays on the wire and let’s his friends crawl all over him. And what does he get? ‘Selfish, war monger, useless.’ Like he hasn’t been through shit. Hate to break it to the world, but just because his daddy had money doesn’t mean he has it easy, or do you not remember the torture (yes I’m bringing it up again because it’s a damn good reason to look twice at how he acts)? And the whole flying a nuke into a wormhole about to die? When he /selflessly/ threw it in there.
And yeah he shouldn’t have brought Peter along but honestly? He was fighting his BEST friends, there shouldn’t have been any danger. That’s why he said sit out, he realized it was a mistake one that should have made Steve of all people, or Clint, say ‘wait a second guys, we’re not putting him at risk, we’re all trained killers, he’s not, we’re backing off.’
And showing up in movies he doesn’t belong in?
In many ways Tony Stark is the glue. He keeps it light, he keeps it soft, he takes every goddamn blow they send him and he holds his arms out for them.
Tony Stark belonged in civil war, he was a main contender in the comic. And if it had been a tony stark movie? Tony stark would have won easily, the point of the movie was to show both sides but because one side lost they made him into a villain instead of showing that both sides are wrong.
Tony Stark belongs in Spiderman:Homecoming, he is, for all his snark, someone who cares deeply for Peter, feels responsible about him and intends to lead him down the right path.(I haven’t seen the last few x-men movies so idk if he was there I don’t remember hearing about him tho)
This is a man who suffers every damn day because of things other people have done, who lost one of two people who he could lean on and injured the other. This is a man who felt so strongly for a boy he never met who died because of a /mistake/. He never knew ultron would even show up! He was just running data, there where protocols and he messed up. They all cleared Sokovia, and they LOST SOMEONE. Do you really think that tony stark doesn’t wake up every night wishing he had been there instead of Clint, that he could have pushed both of them out of the way? Do you think he doesn’t stay up for weeks trying to find strategies so the civilians don’t die again? Do you really think he hasn’t tried to kill himself so many times that Natasha and Vision don’t watch him? That Dummy and You and Butterfingers don’t know how to hold him down? That even steve gets worried when he doesn’t get a message from him in Wakanda?
This is a broken and crying man who is trying his goddamn hardest to fix EVERYONES mistakes not just his own, and he gets called selfish for it, that he doesn’t deserve sympathy. Get out of my face until you realize that being a man doesn’t mean you can’t suffer. Tony Stark needs a pillow pet and a therapist, and his god damn family back. I will defend him to my last breath.

I didn’t ask for an essay but since you’ve written such a large and unnecessary one, let me give you a grade.

I’d give you an A for effort, because you clearly tried, but since a) most of this has no actual basis in MCU canon and makes no sense to boot, b) you ignore the harm Tony has done to so many of the other Avengers, and c) try to use his mental health issues and alcoholism to excuse his behavior…

I’m giving you an F because you appear to desperately want to make a victim out of a character that actually isn’t one… 

I’m so sorry to fail you, but the next time you try to come for me over a character like Tony Stark, maybe use evidence other than the ridiculous and OOC headcanons/characterization that you and other members of the various Tony Stark defense squads/legions/kindergartens have lovingly developed over the past almost-decade. I’ll give you a better grade then.