Shipping Poe/Finn doesn’t mean you’re not a racist misogynist.

‪The fan art that replaces Rose with Poe for THAT scene and claims to have “fixed it” is fantastic example of why slash shipping doesn’t mean you’re not a gross bigot.‬

‪Erasing a woman of color from one of her most significant moments for the sake of your ship is racist misogyny. ‬

So I am once again feeling complicated feelings about tone policing. On one hand, I will defend your right to say what you want and get a response. Being silenced because you’re too passionate isn’t cool. 

But on the other hand, some responses are difficult to respond to. I personally don’t like being yelled at. I can’t handle it. But because I feel that tone policing is bullshit, does that mean I have to let people say whatever they want to me in order not to be seen as a hypocrite?