Fandom spends so much time making sure that we understand that not only is Kylo the real victim of The Last Jedi (typically because of LUKE, not SNOKE in the wake of The Last Jedi) and a survivor of childhood abuse at that, that they kind of just… make shit up in the process in order to make sure that Kylo is seen as a sympathetic character. Even though… he’s not really.

Let’s be very real here: This sort of steaming hot take is only possible because he’s a “handsome” white male villain and fandom loves a white male villain they can redeem and claim isn’t responsible for his own actions.

When White Villains Get Woobiefied: Kylo Ren Is Just A Monster In A Mask


Rose Tico deserves better.

Finn deserves better.

Poe Dameron deserves better.

Rey deserves better.

All of these characters deserve better than making their arcs about the redemption of a guy who doesn’t even want it.


I don’t care that this is supposed to be sassy and satirical. I’m annoyed by the fact that this dude-free recut of The Last Jedi is doing what transformative fandom and supposedly progressive feminist spaces always do: cut down (or out) people of color to center on white characters and push a sort of super performative progressiveness.

If you cut out Poe and Finn, the two men of color with recurring scenes in The Last Jedi, and cut out Rose, the only woman of color to recur in the film, what exactly is left? Who exactly are left?

A whole lot of white women doing stuff in space without those pesky people of color getting in the way and a few fish nuns played for jokes.

Intersectionality Fail: Star Wars The Last Jedi Without Men

Rose and Finn WIP – Part Two | Zina on Patreon

The full piece has hit 2000 words but it’s still not quite done and it’s definitely disjointed because I bounced all over the place in my mild anger. However, here’s a snippet where I talk about why the novelizations burned away what little Rose Tico love I had managed to keep after actually watching The Last Jedi.

If you want to see my incredibly critical thoughts about Rose Tico interactions with Finn in the novelization for The Last Jedi (and how the novelization, like the film, basically ignores Finn’s characterization and arc from The Force Awakens), this 600-word snippet is up on Patreon for everyone at the $1 Tier and higher!

Rose and Finn WIP – Part Two | Zina on Patreon