Finn: *Was a literal child soldier, probably has PTSD, lost his father figure and was seperated from his best friend, suffered severe spinal damage while bravely facing his childhood nightmare.*

Rey: *Was a literal abandoned child, probably has PTSD, lost her father figure and was separated from her best friend, suffered more trauma when she was kidnapped and abused by a monster she hates.*

Kilo Ron: *Got a paper cut on his face one time, because he was actively trying to kill the people he had kidnapped and abused.*

Rian Johnswhom: “Okay but who is the REAL victim here???”

So I’ve seen a couple people and there say that Rose Tico was an anti-Black character and I’m wondering if you can elaborate?


I watched the movie, finally (i was the last one too probably lol).

Is Rose an anti-black character? No, I honestly don’t think she is.

I don’t think people are saying that she is an anti-black character per-se, but what people are trying to convey is that her actions towards Finn, written by a racist directors, hold some anti-black undertones.  

And on the other side, white feminist who are trying to paint out what Rose did as ‘feminist’ or empowering is also a form of anti-blackness that her character unintentionally may have perpetrated and is being channeled through white feminist and Rian Johnson.

In certain black and asian communities, there is a long history of anti-blackness and anti-asian sentiments that we have thrown at each other. Society puts our groups up against each other specifically by something called the “model minority” myth.

Rose’s actions toward Finn could have pushed for a metaphor of the model minority myth, and the anti-blackness that comes with it.

I hope this makes sense. I do not think she is anti-black at all, but she was created by an anti-black creator and her actions reflected that.

Also , in looking at it above, I think it’s also important to realize that Rose was handled in a very racist way as well. RJ wrote her from a very anti-black stand point, but also an anti-asian standpoint as well.

But on another note I really love Rose and kind’a wish the movie focused on her more.

The real punch to the gut is how the narrative uses to that to reduce her from hero to sounding board for the men around her. Rey spends the entirety of The Last Jedi as a surrogate mother to men: first Luke, then Ben. She is there to be an emotional sherpa, a plot device with a lightsaber and good listening skills[…]

You could wipe Rey from Episode IX with little fallout to the narrative. Another Force user could step in to take her place; either another lost Jedi such as Mace Windu or Ahsoka Tano or another “nobody” with Force powers. Had Luke died during the original trilogy, the story would’ve hit a wall from which it could not recover. The same with Anakin in the prequel trilogy. So who is the main character of The Last Jedi? Whose removal would cause the wheels to come off and the narrative to grind to a halt? Kylo. Fucking. Ren.

When Ben says Rey has no place in this story; he’s kind of right. The Last Jedi made Rey superfluous in her own hero’s journey. She deserved better than that.