If I have (absolutely valid) beef with a blogger for how they treated me/my work, but they’ve written something that’s pretty darn useful for something I’m working for… 

Should I suck it up and link to it? Or keep looking for a source I don’t dislike?

That Darcy/M’baku post and the OP who insists on digging a deeper hole for themselves are just A LOT.

I mean, I almost want to make a fandom racism bingo card based off of their original post and responses thus far.

Because we’ve got:

  • Prioritizing a white character over Black ones (in their own franchise)
  • Fan-colonizing Wakanda for white characters
  • Aggressive and hulking depiction of a Black male character (M’baku triggers Darcy by yelling at her because he’s SO BIG AND SHE HAS PAST ABUSE)
  • Sassy as a characterization for Black women
  • Black women as worshipful mammy figures (Shuri and Okoye just admire Darcy so much because she’s strong for surviving abuse and yet these women have to like… Baby her and teach her things)
  • Wanna bet that the size difference the OP appreciated would also translate to Big Black Cock stuff if turned into fic?
  • Writing Black characters out of character to satisfy white people’s desire for them
  • Having a white woman call out a Black character (as a blow for feminism, apparently)
  • The OP literally used their Jewish identity and their family history in the Holocaust as a shield when called out for the antiblackness present in that post.

No one’s perfect. Obviously.

But I mean… How hard is it to Google a “how to write/talk about Black characters” post? How hard is it to realize that turning M’baku into a Black brute obsessed with/enamored by a white woman is like really racist? There are research materials out there, blogs all about educating people that want to write a little outside their lanes. And yet no one ever uses them…

I want to be absolutely clear about something:

If you watched Black Panther and immediately decided to make the film and its Black characters all about white characters who basically no longer exist in the MCU anymore or who aren’t even in the same general franchise/fandom…

You missed the point of that damn movie and you need to go back to making posts about those characters you clearly love more than white ones.

I hate the happily hetero afters in the Fast and Furious series but I also can’t stand fuckers erasing Letty and Mia so Dom/Brian can be a thing…

Meanwhile Tej/Roman?? Not even a blip.

Some fandom things I want people to leave in 2016


  • Nonblack people lecturing me (or any other Black person) about antiblack racism and erasure in fandom – if you experience fandom differently as a NBPOC and think it’s not possible for fandom to be racist, at the very least, make your own post and stop derailing ours. 
  • Claiming that fandom as a “safe space for female sexual exploration” excuses outright racism and misogyny that permeates fandom 
  • Acting like critique of fandom (especially slash shipping fandoms) equals the OP saying “slash shipping is BAD”
  • Forcing people to disclose their trauma in order to validate their shipping or critique of shipping – seriously, that’s none of ANYONE’s business and i’ve seen too many people disclose their trauma because they felt pressured, only to have their experiences dismissed
  • Stalking people in fandom.
  • For the love of god. Stop stalking people and harassing them because you feel you’re right and they’re gross. Whether or not you’re morally right, that is still stressful behavior and you will figure it out once the adrenaline wears off and you wind up PANICKING. Just block people, report them if you feel they’re doing something illegal and/or against site TOS, and move forward. Your therapist will be proud of you for not engaging. Trust me.
  • Hux
  • Can we please leave everyone’s favorite red-haired Space N@zi behind when 2017 starts? At least Kylo is an actual important character… Hux is basically a minion who will hopefully die in the next film.
  • C@ptive Prince fans explaining why the slavery in their favorite work of fiction isn’t even remotely the same as chattel slavery (except… it is) to Black people. 
  • Just stop explaining shit (about racism, about antiblackness, about slavery) to Black people. Rarely do we ask and rarely are y’all right.
  • Demanding that people of color educate you for free. Toss us some money, buy us shit off our wishlists. But please, don’t assume that educating you is our job. 

It’s annoying how many of these things I’ve had to deal with since the year started… I wanted fandom to stop doing all of these things, not to keep at them at even greater extremes.

“the Civil Rights Movement was peaceful”

Bitch where?

Because I remember learning about Freedom Riders being killed, endless lynchings, dogs and hoses being set on children, and four little girls who died in a church bombing.

Oh, but I guess all that matters when you’re trying to use MLK to silence people talking about resistance now is to talk about this idealized image of how shit got done in the past.

The Civil Rights Movement wasn’t peaceful. It wasn’t nonviolent. Not for the people trying to fight for a right to be recognized as humans worthy of empathy and freedom.

The people fighting for their rights were subject to violence all the time and threatened.

When you talk about how peaceful that movement was as a way to silence or shame people now for anger at current injustice, you’re saying that your grasp of history probably begins and ends at “I have a dream”.

Fanboy Rampage: The Intersection Of Art And Politics With Greg Capullo – Bleeding Cool Comic Book, Movie, TV News

Former Batman artist Greg Capullo made an actual ass of himself on twitter recently following a series of tweets where he talked about how he’s here for entertainment and his politics/religion aren’t in his comics.

(Never mind that it’s a batman comic he was working on and someone’s politics are present be it his or Snyder’s. You can’t keep politics out of Batman.)

After a Black fan pointed out that he was able to make certain comments about how he kept his religion/politics out of the things he works on because if privilege that comes from Whiteness and maleness, he proceeded to go off.

I’m talking about him calling the fan (who is black) racist for her tweets that were really talking about the way that art and politics intersect, quote tweeting tweets she wrote ABOUT what he was doing that were not directed to him, and generally being a passive aggressive bag of dicks.

This is a grown ass man in his 40s at the very least and when faced with the fact that his white male privilege may be why he’s where he is, he reacts like an attack dog off his leash.

Is he that ignorant, not only of his privilege, but of how the comic industry has historically been hostile and unwelcoming to people who weren’t white men? I mean to the point of destroying people’s careers because they don’t fit the ideal fanboy image…

This is so embarrassing…

Fanboy Rampage: The Intersection Of Art And Politics With Greg Capullo – Bleeding Cool Comic Book, Movie, TV News