i find it funny that shiro is actually vld’s damsel in distress


i’m living for this, honestly. all joking aside, this is one of the most compelling parts of vld for me, because here we have this archetypal guy—a military hero, a man who’s stated in universe to be a legend on
multiple occasions, the unquestioned leader of voltron


but this is the side of him we get to see, over and over again:


he has this incredible vulnerability, and even if that’s not revolutionary, keith is, because here we have this sword-wielding

loner who’s constantly watching out for him. keith is really the only one shiro feels comfortable enough showing this side of himself to, and this is the result: (pic heavy meta under the cut)

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Chief Allura congratulates her newly-promoted captain Shiro. My piece for the 2nd issue of Stars Aligned, a Shallura zine! Shout out to @shallurazine mods Cat @ahumanintraining and Jules @onemerryjester for putting together an awesome zine with some rad artists/writers/cosplayers! 

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