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Love shouldn’t be illegal, but I don’t know of a point where it wasn’t for some kind of marginalized person.

Maybe,  that little fact of life should be something writers start keeping in mind as they work on their pseudo-Shakespearean forbidden love stories that center you know… heterosexual white couples whose main relationship drama comes from having powers or weird blood or… whatever people want to use as a stand in for real life diversity that leads to persecution and unfair marriage laws.

In this (very late) Worldbuilding Wednesdays post, I talk about how the “forbidden love”/”love is illegal” angle of many pieces of media kind of just co-opt the experiences of actual real life people whose marriages and relationships have been deemed illegal… for straight white werewolves or vampires.

Star-crossed romances are cool and part of the joy is in watching the characters overcome obstacles, but I really wish it didn’t frequently come with the air that love is only illegal in that specific world and nowhere else…

Worldbuild responsibly, folks.

Worldbuilding Wednesdays – When Love IS Illegal… | Zina on Patreon


Everytime a person states that black elves are IMPOSSIBLE thanks to Elves’ Nordic origins in the scheme of “which myths inspire which” I find myself with one reaction.


And I am going to break down WHY. Because the fact is- they are wrong. I’m not even talking about “Historical Accuracy” here (which btw there were Black people in Scandinavia. It happened. They weren’t average, I’ll give you that, but still- they were possible. Also given quotes because we all know this excuse is bullshit since we are dealing with ELVES which are a MADE UP RACE). You see, no, I’m not talking about perceived History. I’m talking about mythological accuracy.

Ooooh, got you interested, didn’t I? As a person who sat on my Swedish Grandmother’s knee as she taught me to paint Hope Chests and regaled me of ye olde stories from ye olde times, and who has since then studied the hell up and started worshiping a being from the Norse pantheon, I have gathered some info. It’s time to crack open your books/web articles/encyclopedia pages people, we’re about to get serious.


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Comet City Supers – Worldbuilding and Characters

Here on tumblr, y’all aren’t getting the first Comet City story for another month or so, but if you’re on Patreon, you can get access to the first two stories and this – a video post about the worldbuilding and major characters in that universe.

The Comet City stories focus on superheroes and villains of color – many of whom are queer – because that’s what I wanted to read and what the comic book industry doesn’t seem interested in providing.

(The first story has a secondary character who is nonbinary and married to a woman and, despite my inability to introduce her two main love interests just yet, recurring main character Viper is poly and bisexual. Future stories will include so much more in terms of diversity as I’m only three stories in and have a long way to go!)

If you want to support a queer writer of color working on content that basically features queer characters of color, consider supporting my Patreon today!

Comet City Supers – Worldbuilding and Characters