An older piece I’m still not sure how I feel about? It’s been at that ‘is it done?’ stage for a few months. Figured I would just post and can always improve on later ❤ Enjoy!


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  • CHARACTER: Synnove Raja.
  • DESCRIPTION: Syn is a spitfire
    with fabulous purple hair, a reputation for being pretty damn magical, and a
    knack for speaking her mind.
  • CHARACTER QUOTE: "I won’t apologize for my power, and I’m certainly not cursed, or on the verge of insanity, or whatever else people might say!“ 







If you sincerely believe that Nyota Uhura was “better” or “more empowering” in the original Trek series as a “strong Black woman that don’t need no man” and that she’s ruined in the reboot series because of her relationship with Spock…

I’m going to assume that you’ve got no idea how antiblack racism informed her role in TOS and that you had your eyes and ears turned off during her scenes in the reboot films where she was a badass whose importance to the films wasn’t centered on her relationship with Spock.

Straight up, if you think that being a part of a romance between equals ruins or lessens Uhura’s character and makes you wish for when she wasn’t in a canon ship back in the Good Ole Sixties, you have got some serious rethinking to do because your misogynoir is showing.


An old gem from when the movie first came out still applies:

Nyota Uhura is Not A White Girl:

I thought the new Uhura was a weaker character for being angry literally all the time, instead of having her shit together? Is that legit? I only watched the first one so good to know she accomplished something of substance in one of the sequels.

The relationship actually struck me as further character assassination of Spock, because dating someone who just finished being your student while betrothed to somebody else is not the kind of behavior I would ever have attributed to him, even if he decided to be less Vulcan in his personal life. It was…kinda a badly written afterthought of a relationship, too. :-/

It’s like the conflict I felt over Sulu’s goddamn folding katana–yay he got an awesome moment to be badass, but it’s basically the Asian guy inexplicably knows kung fu. Again. Even the one who didn’t before.

Um.  I, just, I’m not sure why you think she is “angry literally all the time, instead of having her shit together”?  Because throughout the first movie a) she has her shit together and accomplishes everything she sets out to do, and her linguistic skills and dedication to her job are important to the story, and b) when she is annoyed or angry, it’s always for a very good reason. Is she not supposed to be annoyed when some dude in a bar won’t stop hitting on her?  Is she not supposed to be angry that her roommate (after agreeing not to bring sex partners back to their room) hides a guy under her bed so that Uhura, not knowing he’s there, gets undressed with a guy she doesn’t like watching her?  Focused, yes, she is very focused.  Angry?  Not really.

I agree that Spock wouldn’t have a relationship with a cadet while an instructor, but to me the real, characteer assasination is Jim Kirk, who got turned from a respectful playboy into a fratboy douchebag.  It’s better in the second two, but gah.

It’s not that they didn’t give Uhura plenty of things to be angry about, but she never seemed to stop projecting anger. Tightly leashed, and not delivered unto undeserving targets, but always there waiting to appear, a default defense mechanism.

This is as far as I can tell just the kind of character Zoe Saldana plays, and I don’t know if that’s a lack of range on her part or restrictive directorial fiat, but as much as I enjoy that snap in her voice it’s a really tired and lazy ‘strong woman’ stereotype that didn’t get any real complexity added to it this time, at least not in the first film. It doesn’t make her a terrible character, since for one thing it’s a valid and not uncommon way to be, but they could have done more if they’d cared to, and I think it made her as unlike Uhura as Spock was unlike Spock, and in a similar manner.

Not as much as Kirk was unlike Kirk, but yeah that would be pretty hard to match. (Does it really get better? I hear in Into Darkness we learn in a throwaway gag that he harassed Chapel out of her job.)

And I mean, I know they’re younger here and the world is more uncertain, and being or even seeming more or less at peace with yourself and the universe doesn’t come in a day, but the contrast between how shitty it was for Nichols filming the show and her character’s (admittedly slightly theoretical) position of absolute parity and respect on the starship and the associated self-assurance sort of carried the utopian sci-fi torch. So I guess prickly Uhura matches the general shift in theme and tone, but since I don’t like that shift…




I don’t even know where to begin here and I’m not all that sure I want to try considering that you started your first response by claiming that Uhura is “weaker for being angry all the time” and somehow managed to go downhill from there.

I feel like I should give you an award just for doing basically what I am talking about in the original post but from a slightly more original angle and while making this whole thing about the men in her life…