As I write, as I develop stories about queer characters and characters of color in historical settings that might not be entirely hospitable to them, I’ve decided to keep positive representation on the forefront of mind too. Because I know what I like to read, and it’s not sad stories where bad things happen to people like me or stories that casually drop microaggression with no awareness whatsoever.

If I wouldn’t feel comfortable or happy reading something, why on earth am I dedicating my time to writing it?

Inspiration File – Guilt, Representation, and Redirection

So your fic or fan art got called out for being racist.


Now what?

A short guide

If you create things and share those creations with others then you have opened
yourself to your audience.They will react. Being told that you messed
something up, possibly badly, is not an attack, it is negative feedback, so suck it up and listen up. Here is what comes next:

1. Apologize. Don’t offer excuses. Your intent doesn’t matter. What you did does.

2. Take the fic/ art down ASAP!

3. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH into what you did wrong and how to
fix it.

* The person/people calling you out DO NOT owe you an
education on what you did, why it was wrong, or what you need to do to fix it.You do that work on your own or you will just repeat the same mistakes.

Make the needed repairs.

Repost only if/when the work has been repaired.

Five steps.

 Anyone can make these mistakes but how you handle it, learn and grow from it, shows your true intent as an artist or writer.



So um… I wrote this thing (but because I’m anxious and scatterbrained, ya’ll are getting this over a month after it was posted) .

However! Not only should y’all head over to ComicsAlliance to read my post on Horimiya but you should head out and buy the first volume because it’s a really cute series with a whole lot of meaning that speaks to me (and might speak to ya’ll).

What do you want to see next? | Zina H on Patreon

I’m basically THE WORST at figuring out what an audience wants from me, but I did this little poll for patrons and people who might want to be patrons in order to figure out what works for y’all when it comes to the fiction that I write and post on Patreon!

Thanks and feel free to share with interested people!

(Also if you want to know what I write, drop me a message and I’ll fill you in on the stories and different universes!)

What do you want to see next? | Zina H on Patreon