anyway so after that final scene in the force awakens, bodhi rook-skywalker pops his head out from his and luke’s hermit cave, looks at all the silent drama happening, and just kinda like “so i guess i’ll put the kettle on?”


As much as I loved Moana, I have to remind myself that Polynesians likely feel about it how I, as an Eastern Asian, feel about Avatar: the Last Airbender. As much as I adore atla, I always end up taking a moment to sit back and go “Ah, that cultural hodgepodge…..” 

It always strikes me that non-Asians probably would only see one culture in the Fire Nation or the Earth Kingdom whereas I see several in any given scene. That being said, please keep in mind that Disney took elements of several Polynesian cultures and thrust them together in this movie. Take a moment to use Moana as an opportunity to do proper research and genuinely learn about different cultures.


post: sorta suspicious that this fantasy setting with literal dragons has no people of color

an Intellectual: what the fuck. how dare you. i’m so angry right now. i’ll have you know they did some real research into history, read a fucking book? it’s based off europe? which is full of elves apparently but has no people of color. these are the facts? why are you so insistent? grow some humility