Rey is not nothing # #she was never nothing #and she has so many people #that know and care for her 

This encapsulates one of my single biggest problems with Reylo as a ship. Say what you like about other “opposite” couples like Han and Leia, but they support one another. They bicker and argue, but they always have each other’s backs and they respect each other. They may have their differences, but they fight on the same side in the war because their moral compasses and hearts are similar enough and they value each other enough to stand by each other even when things get difficult. They build each other up and make each other stronger.

Kylo, on the other hand, tries to convince Rey to join him by saying this crap: you’re nothing, but not to me. He puts her down and then acts like him treating her like a human being is such a special and wonderful thing. It’s like that guy who tells you he’d treat you better than your current boyfriend – what’s supposed to be some grand gesture of kindness is instead condescending and disrespectful AF and no, it most certainly does not earn you anything from the girl in question, you entitled prat. And like that entitled guy who expects you to date him after he insulted your personal judgment, when Rey rejects him, Kylo immediately turns on her and tells Hux Rey killed Snoke. You can’t tell me Han would’ve done that to Leia.

Leia makes Rey stronger, and Chewie, and Poe, and BB-8, and Finn. They love her, and they make her even more than she ever could be on her own.

If Rey is “nothing,” Kylo, then I’d hate to be you…for she has infinitely more value to others than you do.